Friday, January 2, 2009

Motion Golf

Here's a couple of videos of an interesting technology called 'Motion Golf.' I believe I've seen similar technologies used at the Taylor Made Performance Lab (

Funny how in the first video the instructor talks about how Sergio goes from "wide to narrow" in his swing. Essentially, Sergio never "sets the wrists in the takeaway." So he basically does the exact opposite of what Leadbetter taught for all these years. Leadbetter's "set the wrists in the takeaway" helps the golfer cast the club instead of creating more lag like Sergio does. Gives me the feeling that while Sergio was enrolled in Leabetter's academy as a teenager, he probably didn't listen to him much or Leadbetter really didn't change much of his golf swing.

Tomorrow I get to play some golf again, although I've had a 3 day break from the game and I just started to get a feel for Mike Maves' secret which I believe improved my pivot action dramatically. If it holds up tomorrow, I'll let you know and start posting a series on the swing that I think everybody will enjoy.


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