Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Look Into the Poll: David Orr

Name: David Orr
Location: Buies Creek, NC
Famous Students: Keith Clearwater, Charlie Wi, Neal Lancaster
Notable Works: Green Reading Basics, Putting Acceleration
Notable YouTube Vids: Warchant and Walrus, Foot and Leg Action, Putting Touch and Feel - Dynamic Profiles
Notable Credentials: Golfing Machine Certified G.S.E.B., Director of Instruction Campbell University Pro Golf Management Program
Web site: http://www.orrgolf.com/

I originally met Dave Orr back in 1991 when I was 15 years old. At the time he was playing on the Hogan Tour (now known as the Nationwide Tour) and other mini-tours. I played golf with him off an on for about a month and then he moved down to North Carolina and I didn't hear about him again until this past year (although I had heard through the grapevine he was working for Campbell University's PGM program).

Back in 1991 David was an excellent ballstriker, but struggled with the putter by Hogan Tour standards. He was just getting into teaching back then and had a passion for teaching the swing. In fact, I believe I took one of the first lessons he ever gave, a $10 deal (he didn't want the money, but I couldn't take a lesson off him for free) working on left side connection. I used left side connection with good success that year. I vividly remember getting some looks on the range playing a big high school tournament and having a headcover stuck under my left armpit, but I got the last laugh as I made states that year as a sophomore, something that was a pretty big accomplishment given how tough the Section of high schools we played in. Strangely enough, 17 years later I went back to the left side connection and using another Orr video that was one of the three major pieces of instruction that helped me get rid of the flip (http://www.orrgolf.com/video/powerpack1n2.wmv)

What I think makes Dave a great teacher is he's very strong at understanding and teaching all facets of the game and different styles. He seems to prefer to teach the Stack & Tilt pattern, something I'm not a fan of, but can also teach a more conventional swing pattern. But where he has really done a great job is with his extensive research on putting which consisted of nearly 700 subjects ranging from high handicappers to tour pros. The passion David has in regards to the golf swing he turned it to being able to roll the rock. Just reading David's posts in where he gives the information from the studies and watching his 'Green Reading Basics' video has improved my putting immensely. I have very little confusion now in regards to putting other than wanting to get my putting stroke analyzed by the SAM puttlab.

Here's a video of one of David's students, Brooke Goodwin.

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Bacc said...


After having observed hundreds of lessons over the last 3 years while working with David as a student, I promise you this...he teaches the student what they need - nothing less. While it may appear there is a bias towards Stack and Tilt based on the Youtube videos and content on his forum, I've seen everything from high handicappers to tour pros in his studio. Patterns ranging from big arc, upright plane angle, full sweep swingers to small arc, flat plane angle, stack and tilters...

In a word one thing they all have in common? Compression.

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