Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Posture, How Important Is It?

In my latest swing update video I was asked by a forum member about my posture.

I think this video by Sevam1, done last year, was some of his best work and it addresses the posture.

I agree with everything Sevam1 says here. But the thing that I had forgotten about when it comes to talking to and playing with higher handicap golfers is all of the talk about posture.

Personally, I think it's wayyyyy overdone. It's not that I don't think posture is unimportant. But it's usually something that the amateur golfer who wants to take their game to the next level works on religiously. Instead of working on controlling their clubface, clubhead path and low point better at impact...they do tons of work on their posture and usually do it in the 'straight spine' fashion that Sevam1 talks about.

I should know. I used to do the same thing.

I used to spend countless hours working on my address position, aligning myself perfectly square to the target and having the perfect posture, just like Butch Harmon prescribes.

But now I'm hitting the ball far better and I almost never work on my address or posture. Not to say that it can't cause a problem. I'm sure there have been times where I took a pretty good swing at the ball, but was aligned a bit off and that threw my clubface and clubpath in inaccurate directions. And I can easily admit that posture does effect the pivot and I don't have the world's greatest pivot.

The main point being is that one can hit the ball far, far better without worrying about those things so much. And that most people who work on them follow pop golf instructors who teach a posture that is biomechanically flawed and an address position that is D-Plane flawed.

In other words, I would rather break it down on how am I'm going to better control the face, path and low point and how am I'm going to improve my pivot. Then ask if this piece of instruction or this instructor's philosopies will do any of those things.


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Carlo said...

Good post. I pretty much agree.

I think alignment and the relationship with the ball (as opposed to the general concept of "address") is extremely important.

I've had much better results focusing on where my weight is, with reference to my footwork (ie, avoiding standing up on my toes), than having a dead straight back, chin up etc.