Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Look at Different Swing Instruction - Part VIII

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In this part of the series I will discuss the SliceFixer golf swing philosophy and theory.

SliceFixer's real name is Geoff Jones who grew up in Texas and idolized Ben Hogan. He eventually earned a scholarship at the powerhouse University of Houston where one of his teammates wound up being Fred Couples.

SliceFixer wound up trying to change his golf swing in order to keep up with the likes of Couples and things eventually got worse. After seeking out almost every big name instructor, SliceFixer wound up working to discover the swing that he feels works best for the most amount of people and studying Hogan's swing as much as he could in hopes of discovering Hogan's 'secret.'

Eventually SliceFixer wound up discovering many different aspects of the swing and turned his ballstriking completely around. He also wound up becoming an internet sensation of sorts by his many posts and thoughts on the GolfWRX swing and fitness forum.

That led to a poster compiling all of SliceFixer's posts into a .pdf file and calling it 'Encyclopedia Texarkana' and the famous 9-3 drill was formed.

The internet has really helped bring SliceFixer to the forefront. Despite living in small town Texarkana, Arkansas...he's had students fly in all the way from Korea to get a lesson with him. He's also started doing more schools in the country.

The basis of SliceFixer's swing is a certain type of grip that I haven't quite figured out from reading Encyclopedia Texarkana, keeping the #4 Pressure Point in tact, a Reverse K setup position and the 'CP Release' which he refers to the hands as going 'low and left.'

PROS OF SLICEFIXER SWING: He teaches a pivot based swing and consistently develops student's golf swings for the better and gets them to do what he wants which leads to good control of the clubface, path and low point. Also, it's been reported that his students hit the ball quite long. I've seen Slice teach live and he's excellent at conveying his thoughts and instruction and giving the student something to work on for the immediate future.

CONS OF SLICEFIXER SWING: Most people cannot see SliceFixer, so they try to do the 9-3 drill and his swing on their own and almost inevitably fail quite badly.

There's a couple of reasons why. Mainly is that their downswing plane is too upright, so when they have the hands going low and left, the club gets off plane and that moves the path too far left and the golfer hits slices, pulls and wipes. The golfer really needs to get on the elbow plane first if they want to have the hands go 'low and left.' That's what Hogan did.

The other part is that many golfers have poor footwork and that usually doesn't allow them to pivot powerfully and efficiently enough to do the swing.

Lastly, I consider SliceFixer to have a 'method' style of instruction. In fact, when asked about Jimmy Ballard he praised Ballard for sticking to his methodology instead of using different ways to work with different golfers. Slice teaches the same grip, same setup and same type of release to golfers, which is very much a method to me. And I think method instruction has more flaws to it than customized instruction.

PROS USING SLICEFIXER SWING: To my knowledge, no PGA Tour pros are using the SliceFixer style swing. However, Slice's star pupil Matt Loving used his swing and won the Texas State Open. Loving was a fantastic ballstriker. Sadly, he passed away after a car accident this past December.



Anonymous said...

Informative. I had wondered about Slicefixer. Good looking swings. Thanks.

Siteseer2 said...

Slice is NOT a method teacher...but he has certain fundamentals... He calls it redneck TGM...which is what the 9 to 3 drill is aimed TGM it would be sorta like a cross between basic and acquired motion....
Hogan is NOT the paradigm, but he is highly regarded, as is other pivot-oriented swings in Slice's view...

Slice has more gizmos than Felix the Cat, and most he dreamed up and made from a hardware store

Great teacher and even greater personality and person, which is why he's so higly regarded

Needham said...

no PGA player uses slicefixer type swing??

LOL I'm sorry, but thats funny!

Anonymous said...

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