Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adidas 4.0 Tour Shoe

Here's a video on the Adidas 4.0 Golf Shoes

One thing they like to discuss is 'getting golfers lower to the ground.'

Excellent concept.

In fact, it's one of the things that Moe Norman used to preach, 'getting shorter' in the downswing and 'never get taller in the downswing.'

However, I think it's something where the golfer needs to 'get smaller' rather than having shoes that would get you lower.

Here's a great collage of golfers, look at how much more knee flex they have in the downswing compared to what they had at address.

These golfers are 'getting smaller' by actually using their feet and knees. While I like the Adidas 4.0 Tour shoes, just having a pair of golf shoes that set lower to the ground is something I don't think quite translates into better golf shots.

The problem I see is the modern golf shoes do not have great traction that the old metal spikes had. If you experiment enough with trying to balance yourself, say on a balance ball or just get up on your toes, you will notice that you will start to 'get taller' in order to maintain your balance.

I think the similar thing happens wit the modern golf shoes. The traction is less, you can't get quite be an aggressive with your footaction and you have to balance yourself and you start to get taller.

That is unless you work on having good footaction in the swing.

I saw that Pebble Beach allowed for Phil Mickelson to play with metal spikes. I know that Phil plays with metal spikes quite often. While almost every course requires soft spikes, I think Mickelson has a nice little advantage by playing metal spikes which allow for better traction and better lower body action as he swings.


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