Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Swing Update 1.19.10

Here's some swings and some 'hammer drills.'

I'm working on flattening out my shoulder turn and really pivoting those shoulders so they are open at impact and so I can keep the club on plane past impact. I also want to stop over-accelerating the hands in order to 'save plenty of right arm' at impact and past impact.

The Hammer drills are part of Michael Lavery's 'Whole Brain Planet' book. In this video I actually do 40 hits in a row with the right hand and 21 with the left hand. My personal bests are 71 with the right hand and 49 with the left hand.

As I get better, I will move onto smaller hammer head sizes.



Anonymous said...

Hey Rich...will you keep a chart so we can know how long it takes to get to 50 & 100 with the right, and 50&100 with the left? That may be interesting. Also, when you can use 2 hammers and get to 50...100.

Rich H. said...

Sounds like an idea!