Friday, January 8, 2010

Secret In the Dirt Stuff

Secret in The Dirt has a great newsletter with its first publishing. You can find that newsletter HERE.

Here's a video that they did as well.

I find SITD's venture into 2010 to be very exciting. Not only is it always fun for me to listen to Sevam1 talk about his thoughts on the golf swing, but with one of the most steadfast learners of the game and the swing in Elkington, there should be plenty of interesting findings and philosophies come 2010.

If you read the newsletter and watch the videos, the main premise the SITD gange are looking at is how the average golfer's score has not improved that much in the past 80 years, so the SITD gang want to go 'back in time' and try and best possibly recreate what golfers, like Henry Cotton, had to go thru 80 years ago by using the equipment they had, the tweed coats they wore, etc. and through that experience try to figure out why average scores have not improved since then.

Anyway, Mike Maves has sure come a long way since having a friend shoot a video of him hitting balls into Lake Ontario.


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