Saturday, January 9, 2010

3Jack Goes Old School - Version 2

I recently purchased these 1963, Hogan IPT 2-PW irons off of eBay.

Here's a pic of the back of another golfer's IPT iron, since I don't have pics of that.



Dave @ Mud Ball Golf Blog said...

The equalizer! Love it... are these forged?

Rich H. said...

Yes, absolutely. I hit some old Apex Redlines (1988 mode) about 2 months ago and really liked the feeling. I've been told the forgings in the 70's and 60's are supposed to be better. I actually like the MacGregor 985's, but I'm looking for something that feels a bit better when I catch it flush.

Anonymous said...

fun stuff---one of my gamers are the 67 percussions...enjoy!!

Rich H. said...

There's actually some 67 Percussions that were re-chromed on ebay and the seller only wants $125 for them. I'll actually pass for now and see how I like these irons. I think in the future I may go out and buy most of the vintage Hogan sets.