Thursday, May 16, 2013

Short Game Trajectory Ladder with Mario Bevilacqua

Here's a couple of videos discussing 'trajectory ladders' in the short game with Mario Bevilacqua.

In my junior golf days, I used to be very good with pitch shots, lobs, flops, etc. In my college days I became quite exceptional at it...likely due to me missing so many greens

Now I am not as adept as I once was because between the wirey Bermuda turf and wind in Florida, you have to play a lower trajectory.

But, IMO, short game shots...even chips...really start with getting the right trajectory on the ball. And when I was in my junior golf and collegiate golf days, trajectory is what I primarily focused on.

I loathe the words 'creativity' and 'imagination' around the greens. I always felt it was about visualization and being able to 'feel' the shot required based off the visualization of the trajectory needed.

I think these videos go a ways in helping explaining that


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