Monday, May 20, 2013

3Jack Golf's First Annual Top-30 Clubfitter list

Below is my first annual Top Clubfitter list. As with my Top Instructor lists, this is hardly a scientific process. And at the end of the day it is judged by the clubfitters ability to best fit the equipment to the customer. Technical expertise weighs heavily into the selection process. I hope to be able to expand the list for years to come, but will strive keep the list to only the very best in the clubfitting business.

The list is put in alphabetical (last name) order:

Mike Bednarcik
Ijamsville MD

Gene Bonk
San Marcos, CA

Keith Chatham
Kerrville, TX

Greg Courtnay
Ionia, MI

Don Coyle
Mt. Vernon, IL

Chris Darakdjian
Commerce Township, MI

Monte Doherty

John Dranschak
Sunbury, OH

Doc Griffin
Columbia, SC

Dave Hanson
Fort Dodge, IA

Larry Harding
Ellicott City, MD

Mike Hawton
Tiverton, UK

Dave Hohnke
Bloomington, IN

Rich Hurley
Corvallis, OR

Martin Jones
Fife, Scotland

Richard Kempton
Kent, UK

Pat Kinsley
Fife, Scotland

Jerry Lovell
Port Saint Lucie, FL

Roy Nix \
Columbus, GA

Gordon Palmer
Fife, Scotland

Ed Robertson
Fife, Scotland

Russ Ryden
Colleyville, TX

Frank Stranick
Gilbertsville, PA

Gary Tozer
Gateshead, NSW Australia

Bob Uebelhor
Indianapolis, IN

Dana Upshaw
Warner Robbins, GA

Bill Weitzel
Liberty Township, OH

Dan Wilt
Columbia, TN

Tom Wishon
Durango, CO

Tony Wright
Oak Ridge, TN



James Blake said...

What are your thoughts on the impact of clubmakers needing to know the ball flight laws in order to properly fit golfers? I recently went to a well known fitter who talked about a duck hook due to a closed clubface? Wouldn't this impact the way the clubfitter tried to fit someone? Thanks.

Rich H. said...


I think it's very important. Generally a duck hook is due to a clubface that is too closed at impact.


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