Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Trackman Reading - Version 3.0

A couple more Trackman readings. These are a couple of swings with a 7-iron.

Club Speed = 89.4
Attack Angle = -2.1

Attack angle is a little shallow compared to the PGA Tour standard (-4). This means the golfer needs to have a Horizontal Swing Plane of -1* left in order to zero out the path.

Horiz. Swing Plane = 0.2

HSP is pretty much square, needed to be more at -1* to 'zero out' the path. But this should still provide a decent path.

Club Path = 2.0

Okay, so the path is a bit 'inside-to-out' by 2*

Face Angle = -1.2

Face angle is a little closed. So we got -1.2* face angle and +2.0 Club Path. Ball will draw...probably start out at the target and then draw a little left of the target.

Horiz. Angle = 0.2

Like I predicted, initial direction is right at the target.

Spin Axis = -2.0

Draw spin. So the ball should wind up a little bit left of the target.

Side = -4.3

So the ball would wind up 4.3 yards left of the target. If the golfer has the right distance, they are left with about a 13 foot putt. Not a bad result but I think they would like a shot a little more at the target with a 7-iron.

Here's a 2nd Trackman reading.

Attack Angle = -2.6
Horiz. Swing Plane = 0.0

Even though this golfer will not zero out their path, their attack angle and HSP are consistent. This shows a consistent plane and good low point control. That's good.

Club Path = 1.4
Face Angle = -0.2

Just about a dead square to the target face angle and a clubpath slightly inside-to-out. Should be a great shot with a very small draw to the target.

Horiz. Angle = 0.2

Start out right at the target

Spin Axis = -2.0

More draw than I would have expected. May have caught this shot slightly off the toe.

Side = 2.8L

A shot that goes 2.8 yards left of thet arget. Still a very good shot.


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