Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday Golf Swing Update 12.9.09

Here's the latest swing update. On Monday, 12.7.09, I hit 14 GIR and 11/13 fairways although I only had 4 birdie putts inside 20 feet. Tuesday I purchased one of the yearly 'practice bay' deals at the PGA Tour Superstore. They allow you hit balls into a net with a golf simulator and launch monitor as well as a video camera that can shoot the golfer from the Face On and DTL angles at the same time. The deal right now at the PGA Tour Superstore is 1-year practice bay use, free one time grip installation, and one free lesson (I have no intentions of using) for only $99. They also have provided some other coupons, like $20 off on a purchase of $200 or more.

I had to use Windows MovieMaker to upload the swings on YouTube as my normal way of loading it wouldn't work for some reason. So the quality isn't nearly as good.

The main thing I've been working on is the position of the right elbow at P4.

As you can see, I'm getting the right elbow at P4 in a decent position. However, I fell into some old bad habits today with the elbow at P4 and I'll probably continue to work at this for a few more days.

From there, the plan is to start working on getting the clubface more square at P4 as well as getting a straightened right leg with some right knee flex.



Greg Brown said...


Its hard to see without some drawing software but are you below plane on the back swing (to the inside)?

Also, ever think about getting a slow mo camera? I love my casio.

I might check into the PGA deal, for me its the summer that would be nice to hit indoors in AZ.

fearlessgolfer said...

Would'nt it be great if they can package that golf simulator and launch monitor so that your instructor has detailed information for more accurate assessment? Or, do they? Plus, I agree that Casio is an awesome tool. Were you practicing RFT but random wrist-set,btw?

Kevin said...


It looks as though you are setting up with your shoulders in front of your hips. Is that just the camera angle, or is it by design?


Rich H. said...

Greg - I've pretty much always played my best golf taking the club a bit to the inside, up the elbow plane, then shifting to the TSP in the backswing. For now, I'm not really worried about it but that may change down the road. I'd like a Casio, but I've got so many other things I want (new shafts in my irons, new driver, new 3-wood, Clubhead speed monitor) that I'll just stick with my mini-dv for now.

fearless - I believe some of the launch monitors you can take your data and e-mail it to the instructor. I think the launch monitor at the PGA SS is okay, but I use the practice bay because it's cold in the winter and it comes with a two camera setup which I really like.

Kevin - That's just the camera angle. I'm actually aimed quite a bit to the left their. The range I'm using is weird as the mats aim the golfer way off to the right while the flags are wayy left. Plus you're hitting straight downhill.

Kevin said...

Thanks Rich,

That's why I'm one of the dummies who shouldn't draw lines! :-)


Emmett said...

Rich are you still doing the stack and tilt weight on the front foot? I read the book and that seems like the most significant change I'm thinking about trying.

Rich H. said...

Emmett - Not yet. Mostly I'm more or less trying to 're-teach' myself my swing from back in May/June. I think I'm close. Had a very good session today by making a slight adjustment. Hopefully in about a month I'll start working on implementing some of the lower body components of the S&T.