Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wednesday Golf Swing Update - 12.30.09

Want to welcome new blog follower Briggs to the Richie3Jack golf blogging fold.

Anyway, here's the latest video of my golf swing. I'm using my 'new' MacGregor Tourney Custom 5-iron here. It's not a bad feeling club, although the shafts are junk and I need new grips on them. I forgot just how difficult it is to hit the old blade style irons.

The current blade designs have the weight more in the middle and at the bottom of the club. This keeps the center of gravity lower so the ball is easier to get airborne and makes the club more forgiving. The old blade designs (pretty much any blade iron before the mid-90's had the sweetspot more towards the heel and higher up. If you hit a shot off the toe, 'fuhgetaboutit' as they like to say.

Many skilled ballstrikers miss this old design because it truly tested the golfer's skill to swing the club and if you hit it well, it was easier to get a strong, boring trajectory.

And that's the truth. I forgot how difficult it is to hit the old blades. I have no problem hitting decent shots, but if you miss it just off center, the club twists quite heavily and you'll see a very noticeable decrease in distance. I did play with the MacGregor's yesterday and hit 12 GIR's with them and shot 73.

The only thing I was disappointed in is when I do hit them flush, they still do not have the feel of hitting my Mizuno MP-62's flush. So I will probably plan on using the MacGregor's as a practice club and my Mizuno's for money rounds or tournaments and probably try to get some old Hogan blades down the road as I remember some of the Hogan's feeling really good when you caught them flush.

Anyway, below is the video.

I made TWO changes to my swing and I want to see how good some of the readers are and see if they can notice the difference. The top video is my latest swing with the 2 changes. The bottom video is my older swing without the changes.





Greg Brown said...

to my untrained eyes looks like there is more knee flex and maybe a slightly different posture with the upper spine and head? Different club but the knee flex is pretty clear.


Rich H. said...

You got the knee flex correct. The other part is still out there.

Anonymous said...

Club face looks more square now. Also the upper body looks more naturally released at finish when you compare the down the line views.
Thanks for the blog, I enjoy reading it.

Rich H. said...

Thanks, Antti. You've got the right idea. I'll post up the differences tomorrow on the blog. Thanks again for reading.