Friday, December 25, 2009

3Jack Goes Old School

As I've been mentioning, I was looking to buy some old school irons and possibly have them 're-built' with modern day shafts as well as possibly getting them worked on by The Iron Factory. So I recently got a good deal on Ebay for some old MacGregor Tour Custom 985 irons. Here's what I got:

I'm not sure what I'll do with these clubs, yet. First I want to try them out and see if I like them and the feel. If so, then down the road I may take them to the Iron Factory and have them work their magic. I still plan on getting some vintage Hogan Irons, but I can't find any that I like for a cheap price I'm willing to pay for. The Hogan irons I'm interested in are:

1988 Hogan Apex Redline
1984 Hogan Apex PC
1979 Hogan Bounce Sole 1+
1966 Hogan Percussion (PC5)
1964 Hogan Percussion (PT3)

I'm pretty much looking to spend less than $100 because I have no idea whether or not I will like them and getting them rebuilt by The Iron Factory is not cheap.

In the meantime, feel free to make suggestions as to what I should do with these irons if I like them. I'm thinking:

- Tour Chrome Satin Finish
- Paintfill the Tourney Custom Black instead of Red
- Paintfill 'The 985' Red instead of Black
- Keep the Stamp on the Sole the Same color (Macgregor Black, Iron # Red)
- Lie, Loft and Clubhead to my needed specs
- Re-groove (if necessary)
- Add KBS Shafts
- New Grips



Anonymous said...

Great looking sticks.Lowest score I ever had were with the 985's. And I gave'um away!! What was I thinking?? How much you have to pay? I'll lookin for some!

Rich H. said...

Paid $75. Can't wait to try them out.

Greg Brown said...

I have a set of 84 Hogan PC's that I am thinking about messing around with, I have to put new shafts in them they have x-stiff and are just to firm for me.

Rich H. said...

Tough to find Hogan's that fit because the Hogan factory made shafts were excellent before the factory moved out of Ft. Worth.

Dave @ Mud Ball Golf Blog said...


Will you play them at original spec lofts or play them stronger like the more modern specs?

Personally I would have them adjusted to slightly stronger specs and customize fitting for lie and length as you plan to do. That way I'd get playability with other clubs such as Fairway woods, gap wedge etc.

Have you thought about personal stamping e.g. initials/name?

I'll be interested to see the finished article - but I won't be surprised to hear they work out just fine. Good luck hope they look and play well.


Rich H. said...

The Iron Factory pretty much does personal stamping included with the rebuilding price. I haven't thought of what I would put down. I need to hit them first. If I dig the feel, I'll get them rebuilt.

Rich H. said...

Another thing Dave. If I like them, I'll change the lies and the shaft lengths to what I currently should play.

However, the lofts may be different. Don't forget, the older blade style irons had the COG up higher on the face, so the ball would fly lower. The newer blades have it lower on the face so the ball is easier to get up in the air. That's why the lofts are different from current blades to ones of the past. It's one reason why I find the blades of the past appealing.

Pete said...

I have a new (never hit) 985 1 iron, it was in the collection of a former PGA Pro, it's gorgeous - like staring at a diamond. I'm curious to know if the 985 set you have has any serial numbers? My club has the MacGregor USA "Custom" grip, the same ferrule, all the same markings, but there isn't a serial number (I don't know if there is supposed to be one or not). Also, I'm looking to sell if you have any interest, it's in 10 out 10 condition. And I could give you more info in regards to the clubs history.

snaphook said...

Have a set of 64 PT3's I have been debating on whether to re-grip and finish or let them go - my game isn't what it used to be and haven't played blades in awhile... I have some other Apex irons, Walter Hagen/Haig's Ultra and Internationals, Various years of Wilson Staff's, but have been looking for some early year McGregor MT's - preferably the Persimmon Woods with the aluminum face insert (if anyone has any) - Thanks!