Friday, February 23, 2018

3Jack's WITB 2/23/18

Here’s my current WITB and my examination of it as well as future things to come:

DRIVER – Callaway Sub Zero Rogue, 9* loft, 45-1/4” Project X HZRDUS 76 shaft (X-Stiff), MOI 2795

This was the driver I was fitted for at True Spec Golf except for the shaft which was an Aldila Rogue 65 Elite Blue X-stiff shaft. My purpose of the True Spec fitting was to find a lower spinning driver head that I could bring to Fujikura when I get fitted on their ENSO machine in April. I purchased the driver at Edwin Watts as they had an X-Stiff shaft options, but it was only between the Project X HZRDUS and the Project X EvenFlow.

The EvenFlow is too boardy for me, so I took the HZRDUS which isn’t the greatest of fits, but it will suffice for now. The HZRDUS originally came in at 2,865 MOI at 45-3/4” long (too long for me). I cut it down ½” and it got the MOI to 2,795. I prefer 2,825 with my drivers, but this is close enough for now.

3 Wood – Callaway Sub Zero Rogue 3+, 13.5* loft, 43-3/4” Project X HZRDUS 76 shaft (X-Stiff), MOI 2725

This was what I was fitted for at True Spec, except for a Veylix Rome 788LR shaft. I can handle the length of the shaft, but it is very light and I don’t quite feel comfortable hitting shots with it that have a higher degree of difficulty. It also launches higher and spins more than the Veylix shaft. But when I catch it pretty good, it performs much better than the old Cobra F7+. Again, I’m awaiting on the fitting with Fujikura to find the right shaft for me.

2-Hybrid – Titleist 816 H1, 17* loft, 41” Fujikura Motore Speeder HB 8.8 Tour Spec shaft (stiff), 2775 MOI

3-Hybrid – Titleist 816 H2, 19* loft, 40-3/4” Fujikura Motore Speeder HB 8.8 Tour Spec shaft (stiff), 2775 MOI

As I’ve said often times, I believe that the club you should play best in your bag should be the hybrid. It is the club that is often used to hit the ball the furthest from the worst of lies and you need to be able to hit a variety of shots with the hybrids. I like the performance of the Titleist hybrids. They may spin and launch a little too high to get that extra distance, but I’m not looking for extra distance with the hybrids…particularly when I am trying to get the ball to hold the green.

4-iron thru Pitching Wedge – Srixon Z945, True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts. Variable shaft increments, standard loft and lie, 2,725 MOI

I will probably be looking for a new set in the Summer or Fall. I have come to believe that while I prefer the turf interaction with blades, the high spin rates is a problem for my swing. So, I want to look at a CB head with lower spin rates. Forgiveness in an iron head is not very important for me since I’ve been playing blades since was a junior golfer and you’re really trying to hit the sweetspot anyway.

I will probably see what graphite shaft options are out there to help with elbow, shoulder and arm pain that tends to flare up. I’m interested in the TaylorMade 790, the Titleist T-MB’s and even PXG although I will have a difficult time justifying their price point. But lately I have come to believe that when it comes to fitting you’re probably better off fitting to find the right club head for your swing, first. Then seeking out the shaft to go along with it. I used to be more of the other way. The True Spec fitting just re-confirmed my thinking.

SW – Miura K-Grind, 52*loft, 8* bounce, 36-1/8” Nippon Modus Tour 125 Wedge shaft, 2725 MOI

Some may remember that I had a 56* K-Grind a few years ago and I really loved it. However, I decided to go to a wedge setup of PW, 52* and 60*. At the time, Miura did not have a 52* K-Grind. When they created the K-Grind in the 52* I was skeptical of the low bounce as I prefer the 12* bounce in the 52* wedge.

However, I tried the K-Grind 52* at the PGA Merchandise Show and loved it. The biggest difference is that it performs entirely better out of the sand than my Vokey SM6 or SM5. I think I finally found that 52* that meets all of my needs.

LW – Edel Digger Grind, 60* loft, 22* bounce, 35-5/8” Nippon Modus Tour 125 Wedge shaft, 2725 MOI

Still the best LW I have ever hit. The ability to hit so many different shots from difficult lies and it’s fabulous out of bunkers. I don’t plan on ever removing this from my bag. I typically find a replacement after one year is good. However, in the last year I have not played as much golf, so I may not seek a replacement head until 2019.

PUTTER – Bettinardi Queen B #9, 34” long, 71* lie angle and 3* loft, ½ shaft offset.

This is a putter I am using for now as I get my putting mechanics sorted out before I start to get fitted for a putter from Bruce Rearick ( I have taken a liking to the ½ shaft offset designs. This is not a face balanced putter, but it only has a smidge of toe hang. It’s also buttery smooth. Even softer than most Bettinardi.

BALL – TaylorMade TP5x or Bridgestone B X

I have found these golf balls to be a bit more preferable than the Pro V1x although I would like to test them more using the FlightScope Mevo. At the True Spec fitting we were using the TaylorMade TP5x. The Bridgestone is softer and performs nicely. When the courses die down come summer, I will get more time on the course to test them out with the Mevo.

Future Plans

1. Shaft fitting on driver and 3-wood with Fujikura in April

2. Shaft and Iron Fitting come Summer or Fall

3. Putter fitting with Bruce Rearick come May

4. Ball analysis come summer


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