Sunday, March 31, 2013

There is More to Putting than Meets the Eye Book

There is a new book that has just come out called There is More to Putting Than Meets the Eye by former PGA Tour player, Howard Twitty, and Dr. Lanny Johnson.

It is a book that contains 575 pages of data with regards to all aspects of putting. I plan on purchasing this very soon for my own read. So may remember that Twitty was one of the first people to work under Dave Pelz and has always had an inquisitive mind with regards to the game of golf. I've seen a few pages with it consisting of extensive SAM Puttlab data.

You can find the book at the link below for $50:


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Tony said...

Super book Richie, thanks for pointing it out. I read it before buying my SAM PuttLab, great resource for understanding data you can obtain using the SAM.