Saturday, October 6, 2012

2012 Pro Golf Synopsis Sample Table of Contents

Here is the projected Table of Contents for the e-book, 2012 Pro Golf Synopsis, due out in December. The page numbers have not been set due to the book still being worked on. Any questions or inquiries can be e-mailed to


Statistical Truths

Flaws in Traditional Golf Metrics

Advanced Metric Based Golf Strategies

The Numbers Behind Parts of the Game and Scoring

2012 PGA Tour Player Overview and Analysis


• The Power of Being Average
• A Better Way to Yardage Gapping
• When Good Research Goes Bad
• Introducing the G.I.R.O. Score
• The Real Moving Day On Tour
• The Transition of Putting and Driving On Tour

2012 Tournament Picks, Odds and Results

2013 Players to Look Out For

2012 3Jack Golf Metrics Total Player Rankings


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