Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ball Position with Mario Bevilacqua

Here's 3Jack Golf Top-50 Swing Instructor, Mario Bevilacqua, discussing ball position



Kurobuta said...

greating timing for this video link! just had a ton of problems(doubts) about ball placement this past weekend.. this makes alot of sense.. need to try this next time out at the range!

Jaacob Bowden said...

Respectfully, as a Pro I disagree with a number of things in this video, most notably that ball position has to change for it to be "correct" (which, along with "proper", can be such dangerous words in golf).

Personally, I play all of my irons, hybrids, and fairway woods in the same position...and I've met a number of other Pros, teachers, good players, etc who do this successfully as well.

Christian Rogers said...

I've generally followed the idea of moving the ball up in my stance by about a ball's width from say a PW to a 7 iron, and another ball width from a 7 iron to a 5 iron. As the club gets longer, you'll be standing further away from it and putting it up in your stance allows you room to get to the ball. Obviously if you need to hit a trap draw or low stinger type of shot, you'll need to adjust accordingly.