Saturday, August 20, 2011

D-Plane Certification Web Site Badges

Here are the D-Plane Certified Instructor Web site badges. A big thanks to Erik Barzeski ( for creating these for me.



ericpaul2 said...

I do have a question about D-Plane that I have never been able to get a good answer on. I've read repeatedly that with irons, where the AoA is negative (downward), a straight shot results from a negative horizontal swing plane (to the left of the target line) and an slightly open club face (positive face angle). What I don't understand is why the opposite is not true as well (i.e. an positive HSP and a slightly closed face). Does this have to do with the vertical swing plane not being straight up and down?

Rich H. said...

has nothing to do with an open face. I mean, you could have a slightly open face and a slight left path and it would cancel each other out and go straight. But, for dead straight at the target, provided it's a sweetspot contact...face is dead center, 0.0*.

With irons, because you hit down, the low point is in front of the ball. Due to that the swing direction (HSP) has to be left in order to have a square path. Square path + square face = straight shot. On upward attack angles, the swing direction has to be out to the right in order to square the path. That's because in that situation...the low point is behind the ball.