Monday, August 29, 2011

AimPoint, Debunking More Putting Myths

Here's a great one from 3Jack Top 20 Putting Instructor, Jamie Donaldson....showing that grain grows downhill, not where the river or the mountain or where the sun is directed.



NYC Lagster said...

Wouldn't it stand to reason that if the green slopes a certain direction the water will follow, thus so will the grain. I fail to see where this guy is debunking anything.


NYC Lagster said...

Don't take it personal Rich, I'm aimpoint guy myself but I don't see it.


jamie donaldson PGA said...

Hi Ralph,

Everywhere I coach ( about a dozen countries in last year) people bring up grain... and get excited about it following the sun or east/west . There are also alot of comments on golf coverage that states the same... we hear it an awful lot don't you?


NYC Lagster said...

Hi Jamie
I guess, however I would venture to say that agronomy and other natural features would take precedence and do have a lot of influence over which way the grain will go. One of my blog followers is a member of the Golf Course Superintendent Society. I will try to interview him to hear his take.