Sunday, May 30, 2010

Swing Update 5.28.10

I figure I'll go back to showing swing updates on a weekly basis. I plan on getting a Casio camera soon so I can tape my swing in super slow motion.

Here I'm hitting my Apex PC 2-iron which has an ultra stiff shaft in it. The DTL swings I flushed both of them, probably hitting it as well as I can hit the club. One of those shots you hit so well that you barely feel the club making contact with the ball. The Face On shot was a push.

The swing is getting better. I'll probably start working on ABS Module 3 come Saturday if I play pretty decent. I noticed from the Face On view the ball position is a bit back for a 2-iron. My guess is that I probably naturally did that over time to compensate for the excess axis tilt and the head hanging back on the downswing. For now though, I hope to keep the backswing pretty much the same, work on Module 3 and see where that takes my swing over time.



James said...

I have enjoyed watching your progress over the past year and I would love to be at the same level.
Just one minor point. It looks like your shoulders are hunched over too much at address with the down the line view. I know that the S&T instruction encourages that but the traditional does not. Just a thought.

Rich H. said...

Thanks James for the insight.

I think I would term what you're thinking as 'Leadbetter instruction' rather than traditional instruction.

I say this because the straight back-shoulders down low was something I never really heard about until Leadbetter and the likes started popping up in golf magazines. Before that, I never really heard or read much about posture. I'll be doing a blog post soon addressing the posture. I think you will enjoy it.

Berkeley Rican said...

how far you hitting that 2 iron?

Rich H. said...

about 215 yards.