Friday, May 28, 2010

Shaft Spining

I've discussed getting your shafts spined before, but I thought I would expand upon it in this post.

As this video shows, each shaft has a 'spine' and that's where most of the weight is and here they show how to find the spine and then align it.

The reason why you want the shaft to be aligned is so you don't get what's called 'shaft droop'

Problem is, getting your shafts aligned isn't not cheap. It can cost up to $50 a club if you were to go to GolfSmith.

Fortunately, there's a bit of a way around it. This great video by Sevam1 and Steve Elkington shows how to figure out the effects shaft droop have on your impact.


This is also a good way to figure out what lie angle works for you. Get a rough estimate of what lie angle you play at (say, 2* flat) and then get each club bent 2* flat. Then use the dynamic lie fitting that Sevam1 and Elk are using in the video to tweak your clubs.

However, you really cannot bend the lie angles with today's modern drivers, so I would suggest if you are very serious about the game, get your driver shaft aligned.


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