Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mental Game with Moe Norman

While I feel Moe had excellent technique and had the ability to repeat his swing over and over again, I think his mental strength allowed this to happen. Here's a couple of videos where Moe explains the mental side of the game.



Jim said...

I really like the Moe Norman videos. I heard he was into positive motivation tapes over the last few years of his life. He seems to have the positive thinking mantras down.

I did have a question on his swing. He doesn't take a very long backswing and his focus seems to be to hit down and through the ball. I know he wasn't a long hitter, but was his ball striking so pure that he got his distance through a clean hit vs a long flowing swing? Why would TGM call him a swinger vs a hitter. It seems like his swing is focused on the pure hit.

Rich H. said...

We've gone over it many times, Moe was a long hitter. There's stories of people I completely trust from knowing them for years who played with Moe and said he hit it 260 off the tee back when they played with him. But this was when he was 70 years old and the equipment wasn't like it is today. Furthermore, readers that have played with him in the 80's have told me that he hit it 280 off the tee with ease, back in the day of the balata ball. I believe Moe is a 'swinger' because he talks about using 'passive hands' and he used a horizontal hinge, usually dead giveaways for a swinger.