Thursday, March 15, 2018

Yardage Gapping Test with FlightScope Mevo

This past Sunday I decided to get on the FlightScope Mevo and check my numbers for each of my irons in my bag. I am going to get fitted for irons at TrueSpec Golf this weekend and I wanted to see what my current performance looked like.

I hit 37 shots with clubs ranging from my 4-iron thru my SW (52 degree SW).  You can check out the data, here:

Richie3Jack FlightScope Mevo Shot Data 3.11.18

Yesterday, I discussed this on my Twitter feed.

The issue with many fittings is that it is easy to get tired doing them. So 5-6 shots per club will not overdo it. For those not as into math as I am, the median helps offset the anomalies in the data compared to using the mean. Here are my median #'s on the Mevo:

I hit these balls off a mat, so the ball is likely to launch a little higher and spin less because of the tendency for the mat to compress as you're striking the ball causing strikes higher up on the club face.

Here again are the PGA Tour averages on Trackman:

Click picture to ENLARGE:

Of course, I'm using a Mevo instead of a Trackman. I'm also not sure how Trackman determines the PGA Tour averages with the irons. My guess is they are doing them on Par-3's. Anyway, here is the difference between my median #'s and the Trackman PGA Tour Averages:

And here is the standard deviation in each of the metrics with each club:

Here are some of my opinions on the numbers:

1. The immediate issues are the distance gaps between the 9-iron and PW (23.9 yards) and then the SW (52*) to the PW (20.3 yards).  I want those closer to a 1-club difference (10-12 yards).

2.  I will be interested in seeing what the lofts are on my PW (Srixon Z945) and my 52-degree wedge (Miura K-Grind).  If it's not a loft issue, it may be specific swing mechanics issues and/or perhaps my MOI matching of clubs puts too much weight in the head with the PW and the SW.

3.  The 5-iron is a bit of an issue as well.  The standard deviation in carry yards (6.3 yards) along with the deviation in the Spin Rate (1,018 rpm) furthers the belief I have had that the lie angle and/or loft may be off.  I think it's a lie angle issue given how I was able to hit one shot 192.3 yards and another 199.4 yards with my 5-iron.  I'm guessing the club is too upright and that effectively raises the loft thru impact if I'm a smidge off with my swing.

4.  The S-Wedge reading may be false due to the bad reading of 67.5 mph club speed on shot # 24.  I think with the full swing the ball launches perhaps too high with the S-Wedge to get accurate readings.

5 .  My club speed and ball speeds were not too far off from the Tour averages.  I am curious to see how much the launch angle increases versus the spin rate decreasing when hitting off a mat.  My contention is that my launch angle tends to be high and I need to keep the spin rate down to not lose to o much distance.

6.  The club speed numbers do get bunched together.  This may be part of the MOI matching with the irons, particularly using 3/8" shaft increments on most of the irons instead of 1/2" increments.  However, I took the maximum club and ball speed numbers and we see more of a reasonable gapping between club speed numbers:

In the end, a lot of it comes down to improving swing mechanics and consistency, but the issues with the PW and SW yardages was an eye opener as well as the confirmation that there may be some spec issues with my 5-iron.


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Josh Fisher said...

Interesting you say you use 3/8" increments. I modified and old set to these increments, but really didn't experiment much with them before buying a new set that has standard increments. Debating going to -1/2" short or trying the 3/8" increments again. Can you elaborate on your iron lengths?