Thursday, December 7, 2017

Andrew Rice on Delivering Wedge Swings with the Right Amount of Loft

Here's a video from Andrew Rice discussing how golfers that hit the ball too low or too high with their wedges can deliver their wedge swings with the right amount of loft.


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Jeffrey said...

Terrible advice from Andrew Rice!

To increase the loft with the ball positioned back in his stance, Andrew Rice deliberately flips the club through impact using a left wrist bending biomechanical action. That left wrist bending action is too timing-dependent and I much prefer a drive-hold hand release action through impact for short wedge shots, which Phil Mickelson describes in his book/DVD on the short game. Here are capture images from Phil Mickelson's book showing how he performs a flop shot - - where he keeps his lead wrist flat/bowed through impact and he never allows the clubshaft to bypass his lead arm. Phil Mickelson describes how one can vary the ball trajectory when hitting short chip shots by varying the ball position - while always maintaining a FLW (either a GFLW or AFLW) through impact.