Monday, November 13, 2017

Swing Journal 11.13.17

Here's a video of my latest swing.

I haven't posted in a while.  First, I was planning on getting a lesson from Denny Lucas & Jeff Haas about once every 6 weeks.  I was planning to get another lesson after a week long vacation I took in the middle of July.  However, I caught pertussis and after I came back from the vacation, I took 4 weeks off.

Then I wanted to get my swing back and that took a few weeks, only for Hurricane Irma to come along. 

That shut down golf for another week and when I tried to get back into the swing of things...more rain would shut down the driving ranges and golf courses.

I think there are some improvements at impact (first photo is from October, second photo is from May)

The 'after' photo shows less secondary tilt and the hands are more 'forward'/towards the target than in the 'before' photo.

In the release, I'm now more of a rolling release instead of the flip-roll release. The goal is to get rid of the roll release as well.  But in the end, this has resulted in better launch angles and hitting the irons about 5-10 yards further.

This is all set up by a better move in transition that allows me to not tilt the upper body too much in the downswing.

The differences are slight, but in the first pic the pelvis is in left pelvic tilt.  The second pic the hips are more level.  So in the second pic, the pelvis pushes forward laterally instead of rotating.



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