Thursday, November 5, 2015

Devoted Golfer Dr. Rob Neal Interview

Here's a couple of videos of an interview that Devoted Golfer did with the founder of Golf Biodynamics, Dr. Rob Neal.

Dr. Neal has worked with many PGA Tour players and not only studies the golf swing, but short game and putting as well.

Back at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show, Dr. Neal did a presentation on the Short Game at Nick Chertock's Open Forum that I found very interesting.  One of the major revelations is that when it comes to short game shots from Tour players, there is no real correlation between how far they carry those shots and the launch and trajectory.  Players tend to have different preferences as to how high they want to hit a certain shots.  One Tour player may prefer to hit a 50 yard carry shot with a much lower launch than another Tour player.  And when it came to carry distance, the biggest correlation was ball speed which translates into club speed. 

I know that Dr. Neal also works with David Orr in the Flatstick Academy and there are two interesting tidbits that they came up (there are countless other pieces of info as well):

1. No two golfers have the same putting stroke.

2.  No golfer can make the same exact putting stroke twice in a row.

As golf instructor Mike Hebron says, 'golf is not a hard's an inconsistent game.'


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