Friday, September 4, 2015 with Scott Fawcett

Here's an introductory video from Scott Fawcett and his service at

Scott was a former mini-tour player who has qualified for the US Open.  He works with many golfers such as Will Zalatoris and US Amateur Champion Bryson DeChambeau.

I talked with Scott at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show and was very impressed with his DECADE Scoring System as the general philosophy matches what I've seen analyzing holes on Tour.  Scott's system can go much more into detail for particular courses than I can and he also appears to have some interesting work being done in mastering the pre-shot routine.

I like his phrase about golf being a game where you are shooting a shotgun, not a sniper rifle.  Unfortunately, most golfers...even PGA Tour players...take the sniper's approach despite having a shotgun in their hand.  If they are not certain they can hit a specific target, often times because the rest of the field is avoiding trying to hit that shot, they will avoid hitting that shot as well.  But, in the end that costs them valuable strokes if in all likelihood they would hit their 'shotgun' into good position.

Recently, I conducted some research that I will be putting in 2015 Pro Golf Synopsis (should be out in December 2015) and what I've found is that this is a game where golfers are predisposed to loss aversion and have to overcome it to create a gain bias.  It's the old "playing to win" versus "playing not to lose."  And I think Scott's DECADE Scoring System gives the golfer the tools to understand how to play to win.



Russ Arbuthnot said...

This looks A LOT like the best part of the Lowest Score Wins book.

Unknown said...

Same concept and application as Lowest Score Wins