Friday, March 20, 2015

New GolfWRX Column: A Simple Scoring System to Record Your Stats

I frequently get asked the question ‘what statistics can I use to measure my entire game?’ The issue is that while there are many advanced methods of statistics to use, they are often very cumbersome and golfers tend to forget to record their score, take too long to record the metrics or end up inaccurately recording their metrics, leading to a skewed analysis of their game.

I’ve done countless hours of research on the game, and usually have a pretty good idea on how I performed in each area after a round, but I still use certain metrics to assist with that analysis so I can schedule my practice accordingly.

One of the main scores I like to keep is a metric I created in the 2013 Pro Golf Synopsis called the 15/5 Score. The scoring system goes like this:

• Give yourself +1 point if your par save is within 5-feet of the hole.
• Give yourself +2 points if you have a birdie opportunity inside 15-feet of the hole.
• Give yourself +3 points if you have an eagle opportunity inside 15-feet of the hole.
•Take away -3 points if your par save is not within 5-feet of the hole.

For bogey shooters, you can alter this score by giving yourself +1 point if your bogey putt is within 5-feet of the hole and use that as the baseline. I also only give one set of points for each hole. If I have a 12-foot birdie putt and hit the putt 6-feet past the cup, I only give myself +2 points for the birdie putt inside 15-feet. This is important to note because we can better decipher our putting skill using this methodology. I will go into that later in this article.

Another thing I like to keep track of is what I call ‘Impedes.’ These are any of the following:

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swa said...

If I hit my 3rd shot to the back of the green on a par 4 (say 20ft away from the pin), then my 15/5 score is -3 (par save putt outside the 5 feet distance)?

swa said...

In that case the score would not reflect my putting skills but rather my ability to wedge close, right? So basically, The 15/5 score is an indicator of putting AND short game?