Friday, February 7, 2014

The Upside of Failure with Dr. Bhrett McCabe

On the Friday of the PGA Merchandise Show I was invited to a roundtable discussion called 'The MINDSide' hosted by David Graham from The Marriott Golf Academy in Orlando (the old Faldo Golf Institute).

The information was presented by Performance and Sports Psychologist, Dr. Bhrett McCabe. Bhrett was a former pitcher for LSU and thru his playing career and his own struggles overcoming an injury that led him to pursuing a career in injury rehabilitation, performance, and sports psychology.

What I found from listening to Bhrett after a couple of hours was I learned more and had more questions answered along with my own thoughts and observations articulated upon and explained thru the science of the brain and how it works than I've ever learned in my entire life. Not only did it apply to golf, but it applied to life and virtually any task or goal in life. I would highly recommend any parent to go see him immediately so they can better understand how to guide their child regardless of what avenues they decide to take in their life. I plan on presenting a lot of information that Bhrett provides on the blog in the future because I feel like I have finally found that missing piece to the puzzle between improving mechanics and being able to take that out to the course to improve one's performance beyond their wildest dreams.

Here's a video where Bhrett briefly discusses the upside of failure.


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