Monday, December 5, 2011

Underrated PGA Tour Swings - Part V

Here we take a look at Alex Cejka:

Advanced Total Driving: 151st

Birdie Zone Ranking: 131st
Safe Zone Ranking: 7th
Danger Zone Ranking: 4th

Overall Zone Play Ranking: 9th
Total Ballstriking: 81st

Here are his radar stats:

Clubhead Speed: 107.4 mph
Launch Angle: 13.3* (5th highest on Tour)
Spin Rate: 2,495 rpm (33rd lowest on Tour)
Driving Distance Efficiency Ranking: 11th

Cejka's driving ranking is nothing to write home about, but it's more about his lack of clubhead speed than actual precision and accuracy. He actually finished 37th in fairway percentage, but 123rd in distance to the edge of the fairway on shots that wound up in the rough. This indicates that he was usually accurate off the tee, but when he missed he had a tendency to miss big. However, he was an elite mid to long iron player in 2011.

Here's a look at his swing.

Cejka is a Stack and Tilt player who utilizes a slightly more upright backswing than your typical S&T player uses. His swing is rather simplistic although he does appear to swing well out to the right with the driver, probably because if you look at his radar stats he appears to hit well up with the driver and by swinging out to the right (in this instance) it makes the path more square to the target.

Honorable Mention of Underrated Golf Swings:

Charles Warren - can't find a video of his swing, supreme ballstriking statistics.

Kyle Stanley - can't find a video of swing, young, but excellent ballstriking statistics

John Rollins - excellent driver of the ball and a solid iron player.

Robert Garrigus- More than just a bomber. Historically an *elite* mid to long iron player who also is a good short iron and wedge player.

Billy Mayfair - Probably the most underrated ballstriker and overrated putter of our generation.


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