Friday, July 29, 2011

Dahlquist on Rickie's Swing

Here’s 3Jack Top 50 Instructor, Dana Dahlquist, and his take on Rickie Fowler’s swing. You can find Dana at

One thing I’ve noticed about Fowler from watching this swing and other swings, is that he has a tendency to have a very fast rate of closure with the driver compared to the irons which is much slower. Last year he had a great season with the driver and the Danger Zone play. He was also a very good putter. This year his driving took a slip (he’s currently ranked 86th in my Advanced Total Driving Statistic). But, he is still ranked very high in Danger Zone play (7th).

Earlier in the year, Rickie had a lot of struggles with his driving accuracy. Not only was he missing fairways, but he was missing them by a mile. He was ranked in the 150’s about 3-4 months ago. Since he’s got that down to being ranked 86th, that’s a sizeable jump…meaning that he’s been striking the driver very well.

In this sense, Rickie reminds me a lot of a young David Duval. A guy so close to winning a tournament and you get the feeling that once he wins one tournament, they’ll start coming in waves. He’s got to be a bit conscious of the driver though because it appears that when he’s on, the driver becomes a strength. But when he’s not on his game, the driver can become a weakness.


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