Monday, October 12, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 9

Part 9 of the TGM translations will go over Chapter 10 in the book despite the List #2 directing the reader towards Chapter 3.

Whereas Chapter 7 gives a general overview of each of the 24 Basic Components of the golf swing, Chapter 10 goes more into detail and discusses each variation of each Component. There 3-15 variations of each Component.

10-1 (Basic Grips)

General overview of the Basic Grips can be found HERE.


Furyk uses a double overlap which Homer Kelley discusses to a degree here. 'Any number of the last fingers of the Right Hand may overlap any number ofthe first fingers of the Left Hand.' Homer states that increasing the amount of overlap diminishes the leverage of the Right Hand.

BASEBALL - Homer notes that with the baseball grip, if you increase the distance between the hands (split grip), it also increases the support from the right hand. However, if decreases the clubhead acceleration, which is hugely important because....Force = Mass * Acceleration.

REVERSE OVERLAP - The opposite of the overlap grip. In fact, increasing the overlap diminishes the leverage of the LEFT hand.

INTERLOCKING - Nothing new here, left index and right pinky interlock with each other.

CROSS HAND - Yes, Homer discusses the Cross Hand grip in TGM. Think it's an impossible component to play highly competitive golf? Tell that to Josh Broadaway.

Homer states the hand positions are reversed and using this grip means that the Right Arm Action cannot overpower the Flat Left Wrist at impact. Basically if you use Cross Hand grip, then you can either use an Overlap, Baseball, Reverse Overlap, Interlocking with the Cross Handed, but no other exceptions.



Anonymous said...

I did not know(until now) anyone on Tour used the double overlap grip...good picture of Furyk!

Paul Bertholy was an advocate of this grip;in fact he called it the"Bertholy Grip" after himself. He taught a centrifugal force swing, and repeatedly discussed efforts to extinguish the "hit impulse", which,especially at the top of the swing, is a swing wrecker( for "Swingers").

Rich H. said...

Didn't know this about Bertholy. Homer talks about the hitters really need a S-L-O-W startdown. So they thrust the right arm, but they have to delay that impulse to hit.

Rich H. said...

Speaking of a S-L-O-W startdown for hitters. I was struggling extremely bad this past week and when I looked at video of my swing I was well above plane on the downswing.

While I had some issues with my backswing and takeaway, the big issue was my startdown was way too fast. Causing me to come OTT. Slowed it down, made some changes in the backswing and started hitting shots like I'm used to.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rich for all the work you have done translating TGM. Your explanations are clear and understandable.

I started with the vardon single overlapping grip, but now prefer having all 10 fingers on the grip. I don't understand why it is called a baseball grip though, since the thumbs go around a baseball bat, while they are placed on top of the grip in golf.