Monday, October 19, 2009

A Look At Some Upright Basic Plane Angles

Dipping a little further into the Basic Plane Angles, here are some more upright plane angles used in the backswing by some famous golfers. Most are on the turned shoulder plane, some are on the squared shoulder plane and some are on the turning shoulder plane. This pics was provided by Brian Manzella over at his Web site.



Anonymous said...

Quote of the day in this very thread over there:

"Pop Golf Instruction doesn't know what it wants."

Really Doctor?

Dana said...

Funny how people call stuff that sets standards, such as the laws of geometric rule, would call stuff POP golf teaching. The issue is they have never taken the time the ask nor study outside the influance they hold so dear. There are many many patterns to swing the golf club. If they knew better which they don't they would fall on the sword they preach on.
I say this because not once ever has any golf teacher asked me a question then came back and said otherwise.It all in the end comes down to marketing and the money machine stating the suto fact that calling some teachers "method" is scape goat to saying they won't teach you anything new or work with what you have, which in th eend is mabey nothing to begin with. Funny huh....

Anonymous said...

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