Friday, October 9, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 8H

7-20 (Trigger Types)

Homer denotes the term 'trigger' as meaning the action which initiates the Release of the Power Package Assembly of Power Accumulators. So 'maximum trigger delay' means that the golfer is delaying the release of the Power Package Assembly of Power Accumulators as late as possible. Sergio is a great example of having 'maximum trigger delay.'

Homer notes that trigger types will be called 'throws' whether they actually 'throw' or are 'thrown.' Trigger Types are selected according to Release Type (snap release, full sweep release, random sweep release) and Release Point.

Hitters require an Active Right Elbow and an inactive Left Wrist.

Swingers require an Active Left Wrist and an inactive Right Elbow.

Regardless if the Right Elbow or Left Wrists is active or passive, their motion and relationships are not visibly altered. In fact, right elbow position is still always key, even for the swinger. Here's pics of Snead (swinger) and Trevino (hitter) at impact. Notice how their elbow positions are in the same position despite having different trigger types.

The Right Elbow is a powerful part of the body to sense and feel throughout the golf swing as not only can it help with Maximum Trigger Delay, it can help keep the golfer on plane. There's often the instruction that you should feel like the golf swing is like skipping a stone across the water. If you do that, you will notice that your right elbow gets close to your right side on the downswing. The harder you want to throw the stone and get it to skip more, the later you allow that right elbow to straighten. The same goes with trying to power the golf swing. And if your right elbow gets too far away from your body on the downswing, the more likely you are to come over the top.


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