Friday, May 31, 2013

The Hips in the Golf Swing Video

Great video by Mike McLoughlin and Dana Dahlquist discussing the role of the hips in the golf swing.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

3Jack Golf's PGA Tour Rundown - Week 21

The best driver on Tour returns to the winner’s circle.

Here’s how my Colonial picks finished:

Charl Schwartzel: 14/1 (MC)
Rickie Fowler: 25/1 (t-54th)
Jim Furyk: 25/1 (t-31st)
Graham DeLaet: 66/1 (t-22nd)
D.A. Points: (DNS)
Robert Castro: 150/1 (t-46th)
Bud Cauley: 150/1 (t-14th)
D.H. Lee: 150/1 (WD)
Colt Knost: 250/1 (MC)

Value Pick: Greg Owen 250/1 (MC)

Here are my picks for the Memorial:

Rory McIlroy: 16/1
Luke Donald: 28/1
Brandt Snedeker: 28/1
Jim Furyk: 50/1
Henrik Stenson: 66/1
Ernie Els: 66/1
Chris Kirk: 90/1
Charles Howell: 90/1
Camilo Villegas: 150/1

Value Pick: Justin Hicks 300/1


1. Weekley, Boo
2. Rose, Justin
3. DeLaet, Graham
4. Stenson, Henrik
5. Bradley, Keegan
6. Mahan, Hunter
7. Streelman, Kevin
8. Reavie, Chez
9. Spieth, Jordan
10. Horschel, Billy

182. Allenby, Robert
183. Williams, Lee
184. Noh, Seung-Yul
185. Ogilvie, Joe
186. Curtis, Ben
187. Kelly, Troy
188. Bradley, Michael
189. Wittenberg, Casey
190. Baddeley, Aaron
191. Weir, Mike


1. Wi, Charlie
2. Haley II, Paul
3. Castro, Roberto
4. Noh, Seung-Yul
5. Chappell, Kevin
6. Klauk, Jeff
7. Clark, Tim
8. Bradley, Michael
9. Donald, Luke
10. Taylor, Vaughn

182. Romero, Andres
183. O'Hair, Sean
184. Kelly, Troy
185. Herman, Jim
186. Ogilvie, Joe
187. Poulter, Ian
188. McDowell, Graeme
189. Jones, Matt
190. Kaymer, Martin
191. Gillis, Tom


1. Mickelson, Phil
2. Kirk, Chris
3. Fisher, Ross
4. Stadler, Kevin
5. Singh, Vijay
6. Reavie, Chez
7. Duke, Ken
8. Every, Matt
9. Cauley, Bud
10. Sabbatini, Rory

182. Day, Jason
183. Parnevik, Jesper
184. Hoffmann, Morgan
185. List, Luke
186. Presnell, Alistair
187. Gove, Jeff
188. Ernst, Derek
189. Klauk, Jeff
190. Ridings, Tag
191. Herman, Jim


1. Garrigus, Robert
2. Palmer, Ryan
3. Owen, Greg
4. Furyk, Jim
5. Colsaerts, Nicolas
6. Watney, Nick
7. DeLaet, Graham
8. Weekley, Boo
9. McIlroy, Rory
10. Tomasulo, Peter

182. Potter, Jr., Ted
183. Gates, Bobby
184. Letzig, Michael
185. Klauk, Jeff
186. Baddeley, Aaron
187. Kelly, Troy
188. Watkins, Aaron
189. Hanson, Peter
190. Taylor, Vaughn
191. Marino, Steve


1. Leonard, Justin
2. McDowell, Graeme
3. Furyk, Jim
4. Immelman, Trevor
5. Stenson, Henrik
6. Kelly, Jerry
7. Estes, Bob
8. Park, Jin
9. Stroud, Chris
10. Choi, K.J.

182. Hoffman, Charley
183. Yang, Y.E.
184. Overton, Jeff
185. Wagner, Johnson
186. Meierdierks, Eric
187. Fisher, Ross
188. McNeill, George
189. Lee, Richard
190. Garrigus, Robert
191. Short, Jr., Wes


1. Woods, Tiger
2. Garcia, Sergio
3. Chalmers, Greg
4. Ames, Stephen
5. Molder, Bryce
6. Baddeley, Aaron
7. Kirk, Chris
8. Henley, Russell
9. Mickelson, Phil
10. Horschel, Billy

182. Colsaerts, Nicolas
183. Maggert, Jeff
184. Singh, Vijay
185. Fisher, Ross
186. Owen, Greg
187. Daly, John
188. Tomasulo, Peter
189. Meierdierks, Eric
190. Castro, Roberto
191. Mathis, David


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Diagonal Sweetspot Path Drill

Here's a video from the 5 Simple Keys crew discussing diagonal sweet spot path and a drill to help with that.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Road to Golf Club Fitting Nirvana: Part VIII

In Part VII, I finished assembling the rest of the irons with success. I have found that I am hitting the new 575MMC irons about ½ club further in general and about 1-club further into the wind. The heft of the irons feel excellent and the Dynalite Gold SL shaft in the 4-iron is working out very well. Plus, Wishon has really made a gem with the 575MMC’s as he has been able to replicate that ‘Mizuno feel’ when you make contact with them.

Here is what is left for me to do with the irons:

- Adjust the lie angles for certain clubs

- Add a Gap Wedge

- Fix the 3-iron issue For this part of the series, I will go into what I did with my hybrid, the 775HS by Wishon Golf.

I view the hybrid for me a bit differently than Mr. Wishon. We know from the Trackman averages that the 3-iron spins about 200 rpm’s more than a hybrid. This is why I believe the better Danger Zone players on Tour typically carry this type of bag setup:


Because they can hit a 3-iron and 4-iron well enough, they can hit those shots and get them to hold the green better than if they were carrying an extra hybrid.

Where I believe Tom is correct is for the higher handicap golfers who simply cannot hit a 3-iron or 4-iron or 5-iron with any consistency. They are not likely to hit the green even with hybrids as a replacement. But, the hybrids allow them to consistently advance the ball towards the cup, which generally results in better scores.

For me, the hybrid is really a ‘rescue’ club. I believe that it should be the best club in the bag. Meaning, it’s the club that I have to typically use to hit the ball the furthest from the more difficult lies. I simply cannot count on hitting a 3-wood from difficult lies. The same with a 5-wood or a 2-iron. And the same could be said for a 3-iron, but also remember that I hit my 18° lofted hybrid further than my 3-iron.

Again…it’s the club that I want to be able to hit the furthest from the most difficult of lies.

I have been making really good contact with the hybrid, but I have had some issues with controlling the club. My misses tend to be pulls or cuts. My guess was that the MOI Balance Index is too high, requiring me to add weight to the shaft in order to make the clubhead feel lighter.

Here’s a comparison of the Hybrid after I disassembled it and then when I re-assembled it:

The Balance Index was well within the range of the target Balance Index (38.0 to 42.0). When I switched grips to a slightly lighter PURE Grips Pro model and used less grip tape; that altered the MOI to 2,790. However, the fix was simple. I just removed the 2-grams of lead tape that I put onto the hosel.

This would explain why I made good contact with the hybrid as the MOI and Balance Index match. I think the next step to determine the issue with the control is the lie angle which I’m guessing may be a little too flat for my swing.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3Jack Golf's PGA Tour Rundown - Week 20

Sang Moon-Bae wins the Byron Nelson:

Here are how my Byron Nelson picks finished:

Keegan Bradley: 18/1 (2nd)
Dustin Johnson: 20/1 (No Show)
Ryan Palmer: 22/1 (t-33rd) B
en Crane: 35/1 (t-57th)
Jeff Overton: 35/1 (t-33rd)
Freddie Jacobson: 40/1 (t-17th)
Charley Hoffman: 50/1 (t-8th)
Harris English: 50/1 (t-17th)
Casey Wittenberg: 125/1 (MC)

Value Pick: Morgan Hoffmann 150/1 (t-5th)

Here are my Colonial picks:

Charl Schwartzel: 14/1
Rickie Fowler: 25/1
Jim Furyk: 25/1
D.A. Points: 40/1
Graham DeLaet: 66/1
Robert Castro: 150/1
Bud Cauley: 150/1
D.H. Lee: 150/1
Colt Knost: 250/1

Value Pick: Greg Owen 250/1


1. Rose, Justin
2. Weekley, Boo
3. Bradley, Keegan
4. Stenson, Henrik
5. DeLaet, Graham
6. Mahan, Hunter
7. Streelman, Kevin
8. Horschel, Billy
9. Fisher, Ross
10. Potter, Jr., Ted

183. Wagner, Johnson
184. Ogilvie, Joe
185. Curtis, Ben
186. Williams, Lee
187. Kelly, Troy
188. Noh, Seung-Yul
189. Bradley, Michael
190. Wittenberg, Casey
191. Baddeley, Aaron
192. Weir, Mike


1. Wi, Charlie
2. Haley II, Paul
3. Clark, Tim
4. Chappell, Kevin
5. Noh, Seung-Yul
6. Castro, Roberto
7. Klauk, Jeff
8. Gates, Bobby
9. Bradley, Michael
10. Schwartzel, Charl

183. Piercy, Scott
184. Kelly, Troy
185. Herman, Jim
186. Blixt, Jonas
187. Ogilvie, Joe
188. Poulter, Ian
189. McDowell, Graeme
190. Jones, Matt
191. Gillis, Tom
192. Kaymer, Martin


1. Mickelson, Phil
2. Fisher, Ross
3. Kirk, Chris
4. Stadler, Kevin
5. Karlsson, Robert
6. Duke, Ken
7. Sabbatini, Rory
8. Singh, Vijay
9. Cauley, Bud
10. Harrington, Padraig

183. Jobe, Brandt
184. Day, Jason
185. Parnevik, Jesper
186. List, Luke
187. Presnell, Alistair
188. Thompson, Michael
189. Gove, Jeff
190. Klauk, Jeff
191. Ridings, Tag
192. Herman, Jim


1. Garrigus, Robert
2. Owen, Greg
3. Palmer, Ryan
4. Colsaerts, Nicolas
5. Watney, Nick
6. Furyk, Jim
7. DeLaet, Graham
8. Weekley, Boo
9. Hicks, Justin
10. McIlroy, Rory

183. Potter, Jr., Ted
184. Claxton, Will
185. Gates, Bobby
186. Letzig, Michael
187. Klauk, Jeff
188. Kelly, Troy
189. Watkins, Aaron
190. Hanson, Peter
191. Taylor, Vaughn
192. Marino, Steve


1. Stenson, Henrik
2. Leonard, Justin
3. McDowell, Graeme
4. Immelman, Trevor
5. Furyk, Jim
6. Kelly, Jerry
7. Hoffmann, Morgan
8. Estes, Bob
9. Park, Jin
10. Villegas, Camilo

183. Thompson, Michael
184. Yang, Y.E.
185. Norlander, Henrik
186. Hoffman, Charley
187. Meierdierks, Eric
188. Fisher, Ross
189. McNeill, George
190. Garrigus, Robert
191. Lee, Richard
192. Short, Jr., Wes


1. Woods, Tiger
2. Garcia, Sergio
3. Molder, Bryce
4. Ames, Stephen
5. Baddeley, Aaron
6. Chalmers, Greg
7. Kirk, Chris
8. Jacobson, Freddie
9. Henley, Russell
10. Mickelson, Phil

183. Maggert, Jeff
184. Singh, Vijay
185. Weekley, Boo
186. Fisher, Ross
187. Owen, Greg
188. Tomasulo, Peter
189. Meierdierks, Eric
190. Mathis, David
191. Castro, Roberto
192. Daly, John


Monday, May 20, 2013

3Jack Golf's First Annual Top-30 Clubfitter list

Below is my first annual Top Clubfitter list. As with my Top Instructor lists, this is hardly a scientific process. And at the end of the day it is judged by the clubfitters ability to best fit the equipment to the customer. Technical expertise weighs heavily into the selection process. I hope to be able to expand the list for years to come, but will strive keep the list to only the very best in the clubfitting business.

The list is put in alphabetical (last name) order:

Mike Bednarcik
Ijamsville MD

Gene Bonk
San Marcos, CA

Keith Chatham
Kerrville, TX

Greg Courtnay
Ionia, MI

Don Coyle
Mt. Vernon, IL

Chris Darakdjian
Commerce Township, MI

Monte Doherty

John Dranschak
Sunbury, OH

Doc Griffin
Columbia, SC

Dave Hanson
Fort Dodge, IA

Larry Harding
Ellicott City, MD

Mike Hawton
Tiverton, UK

Dave Hohnke
Bloomington, IN

Rich Hurley
Corvallis, OR

Martin Jones
Fife, Scotland

Richard Kempton
Kent, UK

Pat Kinsley
Fife, Scotland

Jerry Lovell
Port Saint Lucie, FL

Roy Nix \
Columbus, GA

Gordon Palmer
Fife, Scotland

Ed Robertson
Fife, Scotland

Russ Ryden
Colleyville, TX

Frank Stranick
Gilbertsville, PA

Gary Tozer
Gateshead, NSW Australia

Bob Uebelhor
Indianapolis, IN

Dana Upshaw
Warner Robbins, GA

Bill Weitzel
Liberty Township, OH

Dan Wilt
Columbia, TN

Tom Wishon
Durango, CO

Tony Wright
Oak Ridge, TN


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Short Game Trajectory Ladder with Mario Bevilacqua

Here's a couple of videos discussing 'trajectory ladders' in the short game with Mario Bevilacqua.

In my junior golf days, I used to be very good with pitch shots, lobs, flops, etc. In my college days I became quite exceptional at it...likely due to me missing so many greens

Now I am not as adept as I once was because between the wirey Bermuda turf and wind in Florida, you have to play a lower trajectory.

But, IMO, short game shots...even chips...really start with getting the right trajectory on the ball. And when I was in my junior golf and collegiate golf days, trajectory is what I primarily focused on.

I loathe the words 'creativity' and 'imagination' around the greens. I always felt it was about visualization and being able to 'feel' the shot required based off the visualization of the trajectory needed.

I think these videos go a ways in helping explaining that


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New GolfWRX Column: Tiger's Game is Statistically Primed for the US Open

Here are my picks for the Byron Nelson:

Keegan Bradley: 18/1
Dustin Johnson: 20/1
Ryan Palmer: 22/1
Ben Crane: 35/1
Jeff Overton: 35/1
Freddie Jacobson: 40/1
Charley Hoffman: 50/1
Harris English: 50/1
Casey Wittenberg: 125/1

Value Pick: Morgan Hoffmann 150/1

When I made my Masters picks a month ago, I mentioned how conservatively Tiger Woods has been playing off the tee. I felt that would work against him at Augusta, where distance usually takes reign over the course. However, I feel that this conservative strategy and style of play will have him primed for a U.S. Open victory at the shorter Merion Golf Club. And this was on display this past week at Sawgrass.

First, let’s go over a couple of key metrics that appear to mean the same thing, but are very different in what they describe.

Read More:

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Road to Golf Club Fitting Nirvana: Part VII

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:
Part IV:
Part V:
Part VI:

In part VI, I assembled some of the new irons that I got from Wishon; the 575MMC model. This set is cavity back from 3-iron to the 6-iron and muscleback from the 7-iron thru the Pitching Wedge (and eventually the Gap Wedge).

First, I have had people ask why I am using Cavity Back in the 3 thru 6-irons despite being a proponent of the muscleback blade design.

The answer is that I wanted to experiment with these clubs and I figured that since my ‘Danger Zone’ (shots from 175-225 yards) clubs are the 3-iron thru the 6-iron I wanted to be able to add higher trajectory on those shots if needed. My personal philosophy is that it is generally easier to hit the ball lower when needed from a swing mechanics perspective than it is to hit the ball higher than normal. Thus, get a head design that is more suited for higher launch which is what a cavity back design does.

The 575MMC, even in cavity back, has a smaller head design than my muscleback blades 555M models. Thus it has nothing to do with ‘forgiveness’, but all to do with being able to more easily hit higher trajectory windows.

I finished up the rest of the irons (4, 5, 8 and 9-irons). Here are the main specs with regards to each iron


I highlighted a few key measurements in red. I will go over each of those highlighted, starting from left right.


One of the issues that Balance Index matching presents is regardless of what your optimal MOI Balance Index is, the longer irons will likely need a lighter shaft (conversely, short irons will need heavier shafts). If we need to raise the MOI Balance Index number, that means the shaft needs to get lighter. In the case of the 3-iron and the 4-iron, I needed to raise the MBI number.

The other issue is that MOI and Shaft Bend Profile take precedent over MBI. The shaft that had the closest Bend Profile and weighed less than the Wishon Stepless Steel shaft is True Temper’s Dynalite Gold SL


What True Temper has done is they have made a lightweight shaft with a balance point more towards the tip. This allows the shaft to be lighter without losing a lot of heft for swingweight or MOI purposes. This also makes the ball fly higher, but I am fine with that in the 3 and 4-irons.

Unfortunately, I only had one Dynalite Gold SL shaft handy. I installed it in the 4-iron and I found that the Balance Index number needed to go lower which means that I needed to add some weight to the shaft. That is as much weight I could add to the shaft with lead tape and not go over the target MOI.


I prefer to use 3/8” shaft increments instead of ½” increments. With my 555 irons, I used the 6-iron at 38” long as my baseline and went in 3/8” increments from there. However, I decided to use Wishon’s recommended 5-iron length of 38.5” based on his book 12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Game (pg. 22)

A problem occurred when I got to my 9-iron and Pitching Wedge. The total club MOI would be too high when I assembled the clubs. That is because the shafts were getting a bit too long at that point. Here are the differences between my current club lengths versus my old club lengths and ‘standard’ OEM club lengths

So had I stuck with the 3/8” increments, the 9-iron would have been 1 full inch longer than ‘standard.’ That’s a reason why the MOI was higher too high. I countered that by trimming an extra 3/8” off the butt end of the shaft and then could simply add lead tape to the shaft to get the MOI and the Balance Index where I wanted it.


Wishon’s heads have a +/- 2 gram tolerance from spec. The 3-iron came in light (I had ordered the 3-iron head over a year ago). When I was ordering the rest of the irons, I had Wishon ‘hand pick’ the heaviest 4-iron head they had on hand. Thus, they hand picked a 248.8 gram head (spec is 246 grams).

From MOI and MBI, I know that generally we have to add either a hosel weight or lead tape to the heads of the long irons. By ordering a heavy head, this just means I would not need as heavy of a hosel weight or lead tape. I will probably do the same to the 3-iron in the future.


Since the ‘shaft-grip’ combination has to generally be heavier for the shorter clubs so the clubhead feels lighter with relationship to the entire club; I tried to put the heavier grips on the shorter irons.

I use an air compressor to install my grips and it is extremely helpful for the MOI and MBI matching process. I typically put 2-wraps of blue painters tape under the grip to ‘build them up’ a little.

When I dry installed my 5-iron I found that the Balance Index was a little too low, meaning I needed a little lighter weight in the ‘shaft-grip.’ I simply used the calculator and found that if I used 1 wrap of tape instead of 2 wraps, it would reduce the tape weight by 1.1 grams and that would allow me to reach my target MBI of 38.0 to 42.0. I can hardly tell the difference in 1 less wrap of tape.


I could not get the 3-iron’s MOI and MBI within the targeted range due to the Wishon shaft being too heavy. In order to counter that, I need to either find a lighter trimmed Wishon Stepless shaft which is a completely guessing process…or install another Dynalite Gold SL shaft. However, I have hit the 3-iron very well so far outside of some occasional pulls which may be a lie angle issue.

I plan on looking at this in the future and possibly re-assembling the 3-iron.

So far I’m happy with the performance and the feel of the entire set of irons. Time will tell how the yardage gapping performs and if I feel I should try a different 3-iron. In part VIII, I will do my Hybrid.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Impact and Post Impact: Amateurs vs. Pros

Neat little video from the PGA Tour showing the differences at impact and post-impact of the pros versus the amateurs.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

3Jack Golf's PGA Tour Rundown - Week 18

Derek Ernst with the most shocking victory of the season:

Here's how my Quail Hollow picks finished:

Rickie Fowler: 22/1 (t-73rd)
D.A. Points: 40/1 (t-16th)
Lucas Glover: 50/1 (t-27th)
Ryan Moore: 66/1 (t-6th)
Kevin Stadler: 75/1 (t-73rd)
Ted Potter, Jr.: 150/1 (t-32nd)
Brendan Steele: 150/1 (MC)
Rickie Barnes: 175/1 (MC)
Jason Kokrak: 175/1 (t-50th)

Value Pick: Peter Tomasulo 250/1 (t-50th)

Here are my picks for the The Players:

Justin Rose: 25/1
Lee Westwood: 25/1
Graeme McDowell: 33/1
Brandt Snedeker: 40/1
Billy Horschel: 40/1
Nick Watney: 40/1
Jim Furyk: 50/1
Keegan Bradley: 50/1
Tim Clark: 66/1

Value Pick: Hunter Mahan 66/1


1. Stenson, Henrik
2. Rose, Justin
3. Mahan, Hunter
4. Bradley, Keegan
5. Weekley, Boo
6. DeLaet, Graham
7. Duke, Ken
8. Clark, Tim
9. Dufner, Jason
10. Horschel, Billy

181. Allenby, Robert
182. Curtis, Ben
183. Kelly, Troy
184. Bradley, Michael
185. Marino, Steve
186. Herron, Tim
187. Wittenberg, Casey
188. Baddeley, Aaron
189. Na, Kevin
190. Weir, Mike


1. Chappell, Kevin
2. Gates, Bobby
3. Wi, Charlie
4. Choi, K.J.
5. Haley II, Paul
6. Norlander, Henrik
7. Castro, Roberto
8. Molder, Bryce
9. Clark, Tim
10. Taylor, Vaughn

181. McDowell, Graeme
182. Piercy, Scott
183. Kelly, Troy
184. Romero, Andres
185. Jones, Matt
186. Thompson, Michael
187. Herman, Jim
188. Poulter, Ian
189. Blixt, Jonas
190. Kaymer, Martin


1. Van Pelt, Bo
2. Schwartzel, Charl
3. Fisher, Ross
4. Curtis, Ben
5. Mickelson, Phil
6. Sabbatini, Rory
7. Kirk, Chris
8. Karlsson, Robert
9. Stadler, Kevin
10. Harrington, Padraig

181. Parnevik, Jesper
182. Marino, Steve
183. Ridings, Tag
184. Presnell, Alistair
185. Klauk, Jeff
186. Gove, Jeff
187. Senden, John
188. Ernst, Derek
189. Day, Jason
190. Herman, Jim


1. Garrigus, Robert
2. McIlroy, Rory
3. Snyder III, Joey
4. Leishman, Marc
5. Palmer, Ryan
6. Westwood, Lee
7. Watney, Nick
8. Villegas, Camilo
9. Furyk, Jim
10. Colsaerts, Nicolas

181. Claxton, Will
182. Klauk, Jeff
183. Potter, Jr., Ted
184. Kelly, Troy
185. Meierdierks, Eric
186. Hanson, Peter
187. Na, Kevin
188. Watkins, Aaron
189. Taylor, Vaughn
190. Marino, Steve


1. Stenson, Henrik
2. McDowell, Graeme
3. Leonard, Justin
4. Jones, Matt
5. Gove, Jeff
6. Furyk, Jim
7. Els, Ernie
8. Hoffmann, Morgan
9. Kelly, Jerry
10. Immelman, Trevor

181. Norlander, Henrik
182. Yang, Y.E.
183. Sabbatini, Rory
184. Cabrera, Angel
185. Lee, Richard
186. Fisher, Ross
187. Hoffman, Charley
188. McNeill, George
189. Garrigus, Robert
190. Short, Jr., Wes


1. Woods, Tiger
2. Molder, Bryce
3. Baddeley, Aaron
4. Jacobson, Freddie
5. Chalmers, Greg
6. McDowell, Graeme
7. Na, Kevin
8. Ames, Stephen
9. Kirk, Chris
10. Garcia, Sergio

181. Colsaerts, Nicolas
182. Sabbatini, Rory
183. Fisher, Ross
184. Stanley, Kyle
185. Mathis, David
186. Tomasulo, Peter
187. Maggert, Jeff
188. Claxton, Will
189. Castro, Roberto
190. Meierdierks, Eric


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Great Swings That Were Slept On - Keith Fergus

My introduction to Keith Fergus was actually through putting. Fergus was one of Dave Pelz’s first students on putting. Little did I know that Fergus’ actual strength was his incredible driving.

In fact, from what data I have his 1980 season was one of the very best years a golfer has had driving the ball in the past 30 years. And he was a top-10 driver of the ball using my metrics in ’81, ’82, ’83 and ’85. And he was a top-25 driver of the ball in ’84 and ’86. He was very accurate off the tee for any golfer, but considering he was quite long his accuracy was even more impressive. Here’s a look at his distance rankings off the tee:

1980: 15th
1981: 30th
1982: 44th
1983: 50th
1984: 74th
1985: 33rd
1986: 45th

At this time he was ages 26 to 32 years old. So there should have been some concern towards his dip in distance over the years. And from judging his GIR numbers; he appeared to be pretty good with the irons from 1980-1982, but his iron play really dipped off after that and he was off the Tour by 1987. Here’s the only video I could find of his swing, filmed recently.

The player he appears most similar to is Robert Allenby. Another golfer who was a very excellent driver of the ball and a good irons player who is rapidly losing clubhead speed, distance and his irons game is starting to regress as well.