Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 9A

10-2 and it's corresponding Chapter 7 Translation can be found HERE.

10-2 (Grip Types)

Grip types are about the 'direction' of the hands, and if the grip is 'strong' or 'weak' along with the position of the wrists, the left thumb and the #3 Pressure Point.

WEAK SINGLE ACTION V/V/T - Both wrists are vertical to the ground (as noted by the V/V) and the left thumb and the #3 PP are on top of the shaft (noted by the /T) as much as they can be on top of the shaft without losing the position of the vertical right wrist. Thus the notation of V (Vertical Left Wrist)/V (Vertical Right Wrist)/T (#3 PP and thumb on top of the shaft)

STRONG SINGLE ACTION V/V/A Both wrists are vertical, but the left thumb and the #3 PP are on the 'aft' side of the shaft (aka the side of the shaft that is away from the target). Here Jeff Evans demonstrates the Strong Single Action grip.

WEAK DOUBLE ACTION V/R/T - Vertical Left Wrist, Right Wrist is rolled to the to the top of the Clubshaft so that the Right Wrist Bend will be on the same line as the Left Wrist Cocking Motion. So, if you were to grip the club and cock the left wrist upward, the right hand has to be rolled over to the top of the shaft so that the 'V' in the right hand is in the same line as where the left wrist would cock upward. It's probably arguable, but I believe Hogan had a Weak Double Action Grip.

STRONG DOUBLE ACTION T/V/A - Left Wrist is turned to the top of the shaft and the right wrist is vertical. Left Thumb and #3 PP are on the aft side of the clubshaft. This makes the left wristcocking motion so it is inline with the right wrist bent. This is the type of grip that 'shows 3 knuckles' in the left hand.

Homer states this grip is 'very compatible with Cut Shot procedures.' Remember, a cut shot is ANY shot that uses vertical hinging. Even if it is a full swing with a driver that has a draw trajectory (albeit difficult to do precisely with vertical hinging).

WEAK DOUBLE ACTION UNDERHAND V/T/U - Vertical left wrist, Right wrist is turned so it is 'strong.' So strong that the #3 PP is UNDER the clubshaft. Bit of a unique grip to see from a golfer.

STRONG SINGLE ACTION UNDERHAND T/T/U - Both wrists are turned, very strong grip with the #3 PP under the clubshaft.



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Good luck in your tournament Rich....take your rain gloves!!

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Doesn't sound like I'm going to need them, but you never know with the weatherman. Thanks for the kind words.

Rich H. said...

UPDATE - Club Championship postponed until next weekend. Over 5 inches of rain this past week and it's supposed to be sunny, but cold this weekend. Actually glad the club decided to use some common sense.