Monday, October 26, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 9H

10-11 (Pressure Point Combinations)

The corresponding Chapter 7 translation can be found HERE.

There are 4 pressure points.

#1 Pressure Point

The lifeline in the right hand where it touches the left thumb or the clubshaft. It is 'actively' used when 'hitting' and passively used when 'swinging.' Even with my right hand chop motion on the downswing, the #1 PP is a favorite of mine to use and the main goal for myself is for pressure on my left thumb to be at its maximum at impact.

#2 Pressure Point

The last 3 fingers in the left hand. Used by the 'swinger' who uses the 'Rope Handle technique.' This is the golfer imagining at the top of the swing they are pulling the club straight down, much like a person pulling the rope to ring a large bell from the medievel times.

#3 Pressure Point

The BASE JOINT of the right index finger. Here's Mr. Hogan explaining the #3 PP without even knowing that Homer Kelley called it such.

There was some talk on this blog of the pressure point moving, from the base joint to the middle knuckle, but it DOES NOT MOVE. In fact, it's very dangerous if the golfer tries to use the middle knuckle on the right index finger as the #3 PP because when you flip with the right hand, it's the right index finger that does the work, in particular the middle knuckle.

In fact, Mr. Hogan called the right index finger and right thumb 'swing wreckers' mostly because flippers usually have the pressure in the wrong part of the right thumb and right index finger which causes them to flip.

The rest of the #3 Pressure Point in this section has Homer talking about what Lynn Blake is discussing in this video.

So the #3 PP can be used by both hitters and swingers, they just have a different location as to where the #3 PP is in relation to the clubshaft.

#4 Pressure Point

The part of the upper left arm where it touches the left side of the body. Famous golf coach Jimmy Ballard teaches a 'left side connection' which is basically using the #4 PP to hit the ball.

This can be active for both the swinger (for normal swinger procedures) and for the 4-barrel hitter.

Usually the pressure point coincides with the power accumulator. Meaning, usually if you use the #1 Power Accumulator, then you use the #1 PP. However, there is some interchangeability that can be done here. Such as the #1 PP could drive the #2 PA if wanted. In that scenario, the #2 PA still has the same motion and application, it's just driven by the #1 PP instead of the #2 PP.



Unknown said...


I think I was the one you were refering to when you mentioned that someone stated that the #3 pressure point moved in the downswing.
My TGM instructor told me that a swinger feels it in the crease of the middle knuckle or first pad until the release. Then if you are real good you should feel it move slightly out towards the end of the finger near and through impact as the right hand rolls/swivals through impact.
Does that a conflict with what you feel as a swinger? (I know you are a hitter)

Rich H. said...

I just disagree with it, although feels are subjective. It states pretty clearly in the book that it's the base joint of the right index finger and nowhere does it state that it's the middle knuckle. Watch Lynn's video and it shows that the #3 PP does not change for the swinger. In fact, here's what HK says about it 'Remember, with Swinging, PP #3 must have a Feel of being rotated a quarter turn at the Top with Standard Wrist Action, just and only because ofthe Loading Action direction -- no actual movement of anything. So from the Top to Release, the Loading puts the top side of the Clubshaft against the first knuckle of the forefinger.'

The first knuckle is not the middle knuckle.

And personally, if you want the exact translation of the book, Lynn is the guy to go to because nobody, outside of maybe Alex Sloan, knows exactly what Homer was teaching and knows TGM better.

Again, if that's what it feels to the golfer to get the correct alignments, great. But I think it's dangerous to feel that because it can cause a flip with the right hand.

James Bermingham said...

Ive recently started using & focusing on #PP1 on my left thumb "at Maximum", and I have to say its spot on, and is really helping me keeping both arms straight after impact with Exstensor action.

I,ve never read a blog more thoroughly than yours.

Top work. A real treasure find