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3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 9B

The corresponding Chapter 7 Translation of this post can be found HERE.

10-3 (Strokes - Basic)

This section goes over the elbow positions and then the arm positions in the golf swing.

The Elbow Positions are mostly for the Full Swing. They can be for the 'Acquired Motion' (9-3 swing) or a 3/4 swing or a punch shot, etc.

The Arm Positions are for less than full strokes. Mostly applies to chipping and putting.

There are 3 different Elbow Positions for the 'Major Basic Stroke.'

PUNCH ELBOW - These elbow positions are on the DOWNSWING. Punch elbow sees the right elbow 'down-and-at-the-side' of the right hip. Here's a pic of me using punch elbow.

Punch Elbow is normally a 'hitter' component. Homer says that the right forearm in a swing that uses punch elbow must have a fanning type of motion. Below is a diagram showing a fanning forearm.

Homer also states if you want to increase your trigger delay using punch elbow, you need to use Hip Slide or Hip Turn. This Lynn Blake video goes a bit into it.

PITCH ELBOW - Here, the right elbow is 'down-and-in-the-front' of the right hip. Most PGA Tour golfers use pitch elbow.

Pitch Elbow is typically a swinger component, but hitters can push from pitch elbow. In fact, the picture above is of John Erickson, a confessed 'hitter.'

To accomplish pitch elbow, Homer talks about the Right Forearm making an 'underhand pitch' and 'is delivered at the Aiming Point with a stiff-wrist slapping motion.'

Homer states that pitch elbow is more condusive to greater Trigger Delay, especially for Snap Releases.

PUSH ELBOW - The right elbow is in an 'up-and-out' position which keeps the Hands always between the elbow and ball.

With pitch and punch elbow, it goes 'ball-elbow-hands.' With push elbow it goes 'ball-hands-elbow.'

It is a hitting component. Push elbow is use for hitting for less than full power. A golfer may want to use push elbow because they like to set up with 'impact hands' at address and then concentrate on maintaining the right forearm flying wedge throughout the swing. This can produce a flat left wrist time and time again and make the ball go very straight and a little lower. I like to hit my punch shots into the wind using this method. Here's a good video showing a golfer using a hitter procedure with 'impact hands' and push elbow and just using the right forearm with a piston like action in the backswing and the downswing.


PULL ARM MOTION - Club is being accelerated with either arm, but ALWAYS with a 'rope handle' procedure. It is always a 'swinging' method.

PUTT - Completely motionless body, especially the right shoulder. You *can* putt with the putt arm motion. But you can also putt with different arm motions as well.

PECK - A 'wrist action only' arm motion. Think Arnold Palmer's old putting style.

PICK - Both arms are bent at about a 45 degree angle. The arms look like a diamond shape from the Face On View.

PAW - Both arms are 'frozen.' However, they can either be frozen bent or frozen straight. Very common in putting strokes.

PAUSE - Sort of like the 'peck' arm motion where it is a 'wrist action only' stroke. But the 'pause' arm motion calls for the left hand to stop (or 'quit') and that causes the left hand to become the center of the Clubhead impact arc. The book has a pic that sort of explains it, although I've never seen it being executed to effectively strike a ball.

BAT - I *believe* this is just the right arm moving in a 'piston' like motion. You can use this on all minor strokes, including putting. This is a 'hitting' procedure. Most putting strokes are 'swinger' procedures, but there are some good putters that have used this 'Bat' arm motion. I believe Nicklaus qualifies for a 'Bat' Arm Motion. However, if you want to use this hitting, piston-like motion with your putter, I highly suggest moving the ball up in your stance as you don't want to hit down on the ball with the putter. I find the piston like arm motion to be very helpful for golfers using a 'Claw' Grip or the 'Saw' Grip.

In fact, there's an article by John Furze (GSED) discussing the piston like action and 'no shoulder movement' putting stroke that Homer Kelley used. The article can be found HERE. Here's a pic of the address position Furze uses for this stroke. Notice how the ball position is moved up front.



Unknown said...


I am very interested in the above video by Lynn Blake on the right shoulder acting like a flywheel at the start of the downswing. Is there any other good video's for "swingers" to view, buy or free?
I already have the set up video's from Blake.

Rich H. said...

Do you have Blake's 'Alignment Golf' DVD series? I'd suggest that. The flywheel motion is very important to understand for the swinger because if you just use the 'rope pulling' method, you can often pull too much with the left arm and not enough with the pivot. The flywheel motion is a nice blend of both left arm and pivot pull.

Unknown said...


Thanks for your suggestion. I ordered the DVD's yesterday. I experimented with the right shoulder "flywheel" concept (as I understand it) with left hand karate chop motion and horizontal hinge action with some success. Of course it isn't easy to have 3 swing thoughts. Have you discovered the best way to incorporate 3 different swing thoughts together.