Friday, October 23, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 9G

10-10 (Hinge Actions)

The corresponding Chapter 7 Translation can be found HERE.

I would first recommend looking at this picture to understand the basic hinge actions in the golf swing according to TGM.

Pic 1 = Angled Hinge
Pic 2 = Horizontal Hinge
Pic 3 = Vertical Hinge

Also, check out this Lynn Blake video with VJ Trolio on the various hinge actions.

HORIZONTAL HINGE - This is primarily used by golfers who use a 'swinger' procedure. When executed correctly, the clubHEAD will down the target line, but the clubFACE will be facing as such so the toe of the club is pointing at the target. Thus, the face has to close and creates that 'full roll' FEEL.

ANGLED HINGE - This is primarily used by the 'hitter' although the swinger can use angled hinge. When executed correctly, the clubHEAD will be down the target like and the clubFACE will be at about a 45 degree angle to the target. This is a 'natural byproduct' of the right arm thrusting (thus, why it's usually used by hitters) and creates a 'no roll' FEEL.

VERTICAL HINGE - This can be used by either the hitter or the swinger. However, you should only use vertical hinging on short shots. The 'cut shot' in TGM terms is ANY SHOT that uses Vertical Hinging. Technically a golfer can rip a 15 yard hook with a driver and still be a 'cut shot' by TGM terms as long as they use vertical hinging. I believe one can really help their short games by understanding the vertical hinge so they don't have to rely on hitting flop shots every time they need some loft and for the ball to stop on a short shot.

In the vertical hinge, the clubHEAD should be down the target line and the clubFACE should be pointing straight up at the sky.



Kevin said...

Nobody teaches it better than Lynn and VJT.!


Kevin said...

I found the Hitting action with #1 combined with the full roll horizontal hinging fascinating. TGM is so deep, and gives us so many options!

Sorry, getting a little excited again. :-)


Rich H. said...

Just to think of all of the top quality teachers Lynn has mentored and helped. Pretty amazing really.