Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 9I

10-12 (Body Control)

The corresponding Chapter 7 Translation can be found HERE.

This section talks about the variations of pivot the golfer can use. Remember, Homer believed in a head centered tripod pivot. Here's a pic of the pivot Homer is talking about. The left pic shows a flawed pivot according to Homer and the right pic is the head centered tripod pivot.

STANDARD PIVOT - Stance Line and Plane Line are parallel to one another and the pivot freely turns back and forth.

SHORT PIVOT - Homer states that it is a freely turned backstroke pivot, but a restricted follow thru. Much like a 'punch shot' (full backswing, half follow thru). Homer states that the stance line should be closed (pointing to the right) in respect to the Plane Line.

DELAYED PIVOT - Restricted backstroke pivot with a free follow through. Used when stance line is open in respect to the plane line.

ZERO PIVOT - Zero pivot going back and thru. TGM instructors will often show an example of using a certain procedure or component while 'zeroing out' their pivot. What they usually do to zero out the pivot is they get both of their toes pointing inward at address. Homer Kelley states you can use the Zero Pivot with all stance line to plane line combinations.

10-13 (Shoulder Turn)

The corresponding Chapter 7 Translation can be found HERE.

STANDARD SHOULDER TURN - Homer says that the shoulder turn here is 'flat' on the backswing and 'on-plane' on the downswing.

FLAT SHOULDER TURN - A flat backstroke shoulder turn, but with the shoulder on plane on the backstroke. Then on the downswing the shoulder turn is very circular, but the shoulder almost irresistibly goes 'off plane.'

ROTATED SHOULDER TURN - It's very much what you see in today's golf swings where it's almost like a 'rotate back and rotate thru.' Homer states that the shoulder should rotate back so the shoulders are at a 90 degree angle to the spine. Basically the right shoulder can get on the Turned Shoulder Plane at the top of the swing and then shift 'On Plane' for whatever Plane Angle or Variation is used. Very good for a 'swinger' because Axis Tilt moves the Plane Line and Plane Angle and Homer states that you should use a Shiftless Hip Turn here. Also very important that if you use a Rotated Shoulder Turn, you need to get the waist bend exactly right to get the right shoulder on plane on the downswing.

ON PLANE SHOULDER TURN - Homer states that the Right Shoulder moves toward impact precisely on the preselected Downstroke Clubshaft Plane. When the shoulder can't quite reach the Plane, it is better to use a steeper plane. Here's a pic provided by Brian Manzella

As you can see, both Mr. Nicklaus and Mr. Nelson have their right shoulders going right down the plane line.

ZERO SHOULDER TURN - Basically used on short shots only and the golfer essentially uses the hands and/or cocks the wrists to execute the stroke.


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