Thursday, October 22, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 9F

10-9 (Address)

The corresponding Chapter 7 translation can be found HERE.

This part just deals with the position of the body and hands at address.

STANDARD ADDRESS - Hands are 'mid-body' and body is 'square' to the target. Right wrist is Flat, Level, and Vertical (F/L/V) and the Left Wrist is Bent, Level and Vertical (B/L/V). These wrist positions are the direct opposite at impact.

Homer states that this is a good address position for somebody who wants to use the 'Lagging Clubhead Takeaway.' Nicklaus used a lagging clubhead takeaway. Here's a Brian Manzella video discussing the lagging clubhead takeaway.

IMPACT ADDRESS - This address position has the body and hands at the same position they would be at impact. The golfer that uses this address position usually just tries to 'return to the address position' at impact.

HALF AND HALF ADDRESS - So the body is in the impact position at address, but the hands are at 'mid-body.'

SPECIAL ADDRESS - The body, which includes the feet, knees, hips and shoulders are aligned 'open' to the target. The hands are at mid-body hands. Homer states that this will limit the backswing a bit, but unrestrict the follow thru and require a push motion by the golfer. I guess Lee Trevino would be considered a 'Special Address.'

I skipped 10-8 because it's very much the same deal, except talking about 'impact fix' instead of address positions. But I found it a bit redundant.


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