Thursday, October 29, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 9J

10-14 (Hip Turn)

The Corresponding Chapter 7 Translations for both 10-14 and 10-15 can be found HERE.

STANDARD HIP TURN - Hips turn freely in each direction AND the weight shifts in both direction. If you use a Circular Delivery Path, use your turning right hip on the downswing to carry the Right Elbow into the Release Position to create a procedure where the Trigger Delay controls the swing.

SLIDE HIP TURN - Hips slide in both direction. Often called a 'delayed hip turn' because the hips slide first, then turn. S&T and 'hitters' like to use a slide hip turn which tilts the axis on the downswing and gets the right shoulder on plane.

SHIFTLESS HIP TURN - Hips turn in both directions, but do not have a weight shift in either direction. Usually used on 'soft' swings where the emphasis is accuracy over power. Problem is that it can cause the dreaded 'spin out' move and the axis won't tilt and make it very hard for the right shoulder to get on plane and causes the Over the Top move. If you want to use the shiftless hip turn, the golfer should have 'pitch elbow' in order to do so.

REVERSE HIP TURN - Golfer wants to shift the hips into the position they would be at impact as they make their backswing. Homer says this is very good for short shots.

ZERO HIP TURN - No Hip Turn, No Hip Slide, No Weight Shift.

10-15 (Hip Action)

This deals with the hip turn in relation to the shoulder turn.

STANDARD HIP ACTION - Hips initiate and lead the shoulder turn throughout the swing.

DELAYED HIP ACTION - Shoulder lead the hips and power the backstroke Hip Turn. More of a 'Hands Controlled Pivot' motion. Very good for golfers who want to prevent over-swinging.

SHORT HIP ACTION - The hips power the shoulder turn on the backswing, but the shoulders take over on the downswing.


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