Friday, October 2, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 8B

7-8 (The Fix)

7-8 talks about impact fix which is about feeling and sensing the correct impact alignments at impact.

Homer notes:

Impact conditions are not the same as in the Address except for Clubshaft angle. The most important single differences is that the Left Wrist is bent at Address, but not at impact. Therefore, precision alignment of the Grip can be taken only in the Impact position. Secondly, the Left Shoulder is higher at Impact so the player must be positioned accordingly for proper Shoulder-to-Ball distance.
As I talked about in the Results to the Latest Poll Question, there's still a top 10 teacher talking golfers should try and emulate their address position at impact. As you can see, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Even Homer's mention that the clubshaft angle is the same doesn't apply to everybody. The clubshaft angle CAN be the same, but usually it's not. The pics above of Mac O'Grady show a golfer very close to having the same shaft angle, but they are clearly not the same angles.

Homer also notes 'They (the hands) must appear to be near or covering, the Left Toe -- nowhere near the ball.'

This talking about the 'Visual Equivalents' and at impact the hands should APPEAR to be near or covering the left toe. For instance, take a club and address the ball. Now, just forward press your hands until they are 'covering' the left toe. That's what your hands at impact should look like. That's why Homer talks about the hands looking like they cover your left toe from the golfer's perspective. Homer also suggests just switching back and forth between address hands (the butt of the club pointing at the belt buckle) and impact hands (covering the left toe) so you can really sense what the different between address and impact is really like. Furthermore, that's what seperates the Pro and the Hacker.

7-9 (The Address)

Where impact fix has the golfer feeling and sensing the alignments at impact before they start the swing, the Address Position is simply the position the golfer is in before they start the backstroke. So a lot of time it is the golfer stepping to the ball and aligning their body and clubface to the target. Then they go to impact fix (sensing and feeling what the impact alignments will be like), this will have their hands at 'impact hands'. Then once they sense and feel the proper impact alignments (impact fix), they go their regular address position (usually 'mid-body' hands).



Anonymous said...

Do you think Homer is referring to the DTL view when he says clubshaft angle is the same?

Rich H. said...

Nooo, handle tends to raise at impact from the DTL angle. Homer even acknowledges that by talking about how the golfer should play the driver more towards the toe to account for the handle raise. I'm pretty sure he meant that the clubshaft angle could be the same between address and impact, but certainly not mandatory.

Anonymous said...

Did the greatest ballstrikers...Hogan, Snead, Trevino, Moe.....raise the handle at impact?, not much if at all.
Not many players get it right, if they do, they can become great. I respectfully think Homer meant DTL view when referring to the clubshaft angle.

NYC Lagster said...

I agree with anon. I believe he meant the DTL view.

Rich H. said...

Homer meant the Face On angle. Like these pics DTL of Nicklaus' swing ( and (