Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swing Heeler Training Aid

As you know, I'm a big proponent of good footwork in the golf swing and feel it's the most overlooked and underrated part of a good golf swing. I saw a video for the Swing Heeler training aid and I think it gives a great concept of how to get the golfer to master efficient footwork.

I've been trying to read up more and more on 'ground forces' in the golf swing. I was watching a Sports Science who on Fox Sports Channel and they had a race between NFL Wide Receiver Dennis Northcutt and an ostrich. The Ostrich blew away Northcutt, a man who runs the 40 yard dash in about 4.4 seconds and Sports Science talked about how the ostrich has much great ground forces than a human being and that's why it's able to run faster.

As one poster on another forum stated, ground forces work in golf as well. If somebody was trying to hit a golf ball while standing on a sheet of ice they wouldn't nearly hit it as far as a golfer trying to hit a ball while standing on a grass tee. Anyway, here's the Swing Heeler video.

For more info on the Swing Heeler, click HERE.



BerkeleyRican said...

try swinging in these.

Rich H. said...

Or play slow-pitch softball in those.

Unknown said...

I was going to order the swing heeler until I saw its' price tag.

houlie4 said...

hey Rich, can you share some of the stuff you are reading re: ground forces, footwork in the golf swing? I'd like to read a bit more on that myself... thanks

Rich H. said...

I've only studied cursory knowledge of it. One of the swings I'm looking at is Alvaro Quiros' and it's pretty apparent that he uses his legs to drive the club at such a high rate of speed. When I understand more about it, I will post it on the blog. For now, I would study Mike Maves' e-book 'The Secret Is In The Dirt.'