Sunday, October 11, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 8I

7-21 (Power Package Assembly Point)

This is basically where the Primary Lever Assembly is formed in the golf swing.

Take a look at Mr. Nicklaus' and Mike Maves' positions at the top of their respective swings.

Mr. Nicklaus has his Primary Lever Assembly in tact when his hands are well above his head. Maves has his Primary Lever Assembly in tact when his hands are about level with his right shoulder. That's what the 'Power Package Assembly Point' is all about.

Different types of Strokes, conditions, purposes and personal preferences tend to change this point around.

To attempt variations on the basis of just one 'Feel' produces improper alignments and relationships. So conscious differentiation must be practiced.
The first quote basically states that your Assembly point will likely change with different types of strokes. My Assembly Point with my driver is usually far different than it is with say a Pitching Wedge. Just because there are some variations in the Stroke being attempted.

If you want to change your Assembly Point from say a Mike Maves style to a Nicklaus style, you really shouldn't do it with the same type of swing 'thought' or swing 'feel.' Instead, you should practice the different Assembly Points and be aware of the differences in feels so you can execute the different Assembly Points with good alignments.

7-22 (Power Package Loading Action)

The Power Package Loading Action takes place in the backswing and it's how the golfer goes about cocking their wrists in the backswing and loading their power. There are 3 different types of Loading Actions:

1. Full Sweep
2. Random Sweep
3. Snap

Basically you 'load' the Power Accumulators so you can propel them toward impact. The amount of loading can either be controlled by the speed of the entire motion and/or by the sharpness of the specific procedure.

To give an idea (I'll go into the specifics of all of the 3 types of Loading Actions later on), let's take a look at Lucas Glover's swing.

Lucas has a 'Snap' Loading Action. See how he takes it back and has very little left wristcock. That's the 'Snap Loading Action.'

He also has a 'Snap' Release. This is very good because you want to match the loading action and the relese if you possibly can. A lot of golfers will try the 'Snap Loading Action', but cannot get the Snap Release.

Per Endless Belt (2-K), the smaller the 'pulley', the slower the hands can be. Snap releases have a very small pulley, thus they can have slower hands on the downswing, but still generate a lot of clubhead speed.

This also applies to the Loading Action. Glover has the Snap Loading action, thus he is very slow with the backswing in order to execute a precise Snap Loading action.

Homer also notes the Assembly Point and Loading Action and how they can work with each other. If the golfer has an Assembly Point like Nicklaus', then they have a lot of time to start loading the club on the backswing before they reach their Assembly Point. It's no coincidence that Nicklaus had a Snap Loading Action and has a similar Assembly Point to the one Glover has.

On the flip side, somebody with Maves' Assembly Point needs to load the club a little quicker.

7-23 (Power Package Delivery Path)

This is about the shape of the path the hands take from the top of the swing to impact looking at the golfer from the Face On viewpoint. There's actually 5 different paths:

1. Straight Line
2. Circle
3. Angled Line
4. Top End Straight Line
5. Top End Angled Line

The Top End lines (#4 and #5) are just when the hands are up above the head at the top of the swing and then either make a straight line or angled line delivery path to the ball.

7-24 (Power Package Release)

There are 5 different types of Power Package Releases:

1. Full Sweep Release
2. Non-Automatic Random Sweep Release
3. Automatic Random Sweep Release
4. Non-Automatic Snap Release
5. Automatic Snap Release

These can be defined as Release 'type' and Release 'point.' Automatic and Non-Automatic are the Release 'type.' Full Sweep, Random Sweep and Snap are release 'points.'

Again, I'll go over these in more detail in later translation posts.



Jon Serano said...

Hi! Great blog and a wonderful job of translating TGM for us!

One question - Would you say that snap loading is more of a swinger procedure and drive loading a hitter procedure. Have you tried snap loading?

Rich H. said...

Drive loading is a downswing procedure. Snap loading is a backswing procedure. I'd say that snap loading is more of a swinger procedure as it's really a 'float loading' procedure (think Lucas Glover and Sergio) and those guys that swing like that are usually 'swingers.' I used to try an snap load, just didn't have any control over the clubface.

Jon Serano said...

I had the same problem when I tried the snap load, a lot of power but some of the shots were all over the place. Could you tell me what type of release you use?

Rich H. said...

Random Sweep Release