Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wednesday Golf Swing Update 12.2.09

I'll try to make updates on my swing every Wednesday. For now, I'm trying to get the clubshaft parallel to the target line with a pretty square clubface. Something like this:

The big thing I'm focusing on is getting some 'space' between my right elbow and right side at the top of the swing. In some of my latest swings the right elbow was right up against my right side.

So, here are a couple of swings from a round I played on Tuesday.

Here's some pics.

Obviously, the driver swing was better than the 7-iron swing. I hit the driver down the left side of the fairway and probably had a 1-yard fade. The 7-iron was a small push that hit the right fringe and bounced towards the pin. But there is some 'space' between the elbow and the side at P4 which is what I'm working towards. I'll keep working on this until I feel rather comfortable with it and then move onto the next adjustment which will likely be getting a straight, but not locked right leg at P4.


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