Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2nd Annual 3Jack Awards

I did the 3Jack Awards last year. Click HERE to see the 1st Annual Awards. I'll also add this note again:

I kind of do this with some caution. I am averse to taking myself too seriously. Years of playing golf will create that in a person because just as soon as you think you're hot stuff, the game will rear its ugly head right back at you. However, I thought it would be *fun* to go over the stuff I've reviewed this year and came up with my own "3Jack Awards." This is basically awards for things I watched, read or used during this year. Thus, it's not important as to when the product, video, book etc came out...it's whether or not I reviewed it this year. Anyway, you'll get the point soon enough.


Honorable Mention: Lowe's Fiberglass Driveway Markers, Swing Heeler Training Aid, PSP Training Iron

Second Runner Up: Gyro Swing

(The Gyro Swing does live up to its hype in that it will take over for the golfer's hands if the golfer makes an improper movement. Only problem is you cannot hit balls with it and the club you're are given is a miniature club instead of a full sized one.)

First Runner Up: Tour Striker

Winner: The Taly

The Taly is the best training aid I've ever seen at eliminating the flip and 'quitting' from golfers because it's a clear visual aid, but a visual aid from the golfer's perspective when they are swinging the club. It can also be used to help with swing plane. Just a fantastic Club. I posted a 'curriculum' to learn how to use the Taly and eliminate the flip which can be found HERE.


Honorable Mention: Shawn Clement 'How To Relax While Playing', David Orr 'War Chant and Walrus.'

Second Runner Up: Nick Clearwater 'Mike Bennett Drill.'

First Runner Up: Lynn Blake Lesson W/Colin Neeman 'Lag Pressure.'

Winner: Brian Manzella 'Rule of 12.'


Honorable Mention: David Orr 'Seeing the Line w/Speed Rope.'

Second Runner Up: Phil Mickelson 'Secrets of the Short Game'

First Runner Up: Lynn Blake w/VJ Trolio 'Alignment Golf'

WINNER: David Orr w/Mark Sweeney 'Green Reading 201 - Where To Aim'

(I had a hard time choosing between Alignment Golf and Green Reading 201 as both are two of the best instructional videos I've ever seen. However, I went with Green Reading 201 because it's so revolutionary that obliterates the concept of aiming at the apex of the break which is something that has been going on since golf was invented. And that's only about 1/3rd of the video. Phenomenal, eye opening stuff.)


Honorable Mention: Mizuno MP-68, KBS Shafts, Mizuno 'Shaft Optimizer.'

Second Runner Up: Ben Hogan 'Personal' Irons (1983)

First Runner Up: Adams Pro Black Hybrid

WINNER: Scratch SB-1 Irons

(Scratch Golf's irons are completely customizeable, from the type of grind all the way to the ferrul. They recently signed a deal with PGA Tour player Ryan Moore who carries their irons and wedges and is also part owner of the company. Christie Kerr carries Scratch Wedges).


Honorable Mention: Dana Dahlquist Forum, ISeekGolf, Lynn Blake Golf.

Second Runner Up: Brian Manzella Golf

First Runner Up: John Erickson Golf

WINNER: AimPoint Golf w/Mark Sweeney.

(This hasn't been a strong year for golf Web sites as most of them have died down a bit on their information in 2009. Erickson's Web site, especially his forum, is a lot of interesting fun. AimPoint Golf not only has revolutionized the way we read greens, but also how we look at the game statistically.

I'm sure I'll get some question about GolfWRX, which decided to ban me.

I've never been banned from a forum in my life) after one poster kept complaining about me having a link to this blog. This poster also agreed with another poster that David Orr, Ben Doyle, Lynn Blake, Jeff Evans and other TGM'ers were 'frauds' and 'charlatans', something I take offense to on many levels, which despite the fact that Orr and Evans are sponsors at GolfWRX, these two posters are still allowed to post on the forum. Then about 3 weeks ago the founder of GolfWRX PM'd me to help him out with a survey. Ever hear of 'the inmates running the asylum.' Well, it's rampant over there and quickly putting GolfWRX on the Hall of Shame list.)


Honorable Mention: Kevin Shields, Mike Bennett, Lynn Blake.

Second Runner Up: Louis Brown

First Runner Up: John Erickson

WINNER: Mike McNary


Second Place Runner Up: 'Mental Management for Great Golf' by Dr. Bee Epstein-Shepherd.

First Runner Up: 'The Stack and Tilt Swing' by Andy Plummer and Mike Bennnett

WINNER: 'The Golfing Machine' by Homer Kelley

(Hardly infallible is TGM and is a very difficult read. But once you understand it you start to understand the brilliance of it and it's still a pleasure to re-read. I guess it never ceases to amaze me that most critics of TGM say that 'there's no one way to hit a golf ball and that's what TGM is about', when TGM makes it point blank clear that there is no one way to hit a ball. Then you find out that critic teaches a 'one way' to hit the ball. Even the harsher critics of TGM that have valid claims still use TGM in some shape or form and my feeling is that the erroneous parts of TGM were still things that most of the time Homer Kelley was on the right path. Even the first runner up, The Stack and Tilt swing, would not be possible without Plummer and Bennett having studied TGM (they give credit to TGM in the book) and I've had quite a few golfers tell me that my TGM translations have improved their handicap. The reason why TGM often times becomes a 'religion' or a 'cult' is that it consistently improves golfers' handicap. Golf is a game that people are passionate about and when there is improvement, golfers swear by it. If there was no improvement, golfers would be vehemently against it.

It's really as simple as that



John Graham said...

I wondered what happened to you over there at golfwrx. I've just about had it myself.

In fact, I've cut down from most of the forums in favor of twitter.

Great job and keep it up.

Greg Brown said...

They must have unbanned you Richie as your name does not show as banned. That place is getting comical, several of my posts have been deleted and I have no clue why.

Great job with your awards and blog. Every time I re-read a chapter in TGM I understand things a little clearer and the light bulb goes off. Chapter 6 is one of the best sections on the golf swing ever written.


Greg Brown said...

Oh and the Rule of 12 video has single handily taken me from below average chipper to above average. My friends as well, when you can make the same stroke every time but just use a different club chipping gets almost easy.

Rich H. said...

Thanks guys. GolfWRX took away my posting privileges and when I asked why because I didn't violate any rules, they wouldn't tell me why until a couple of months later when somebody there e-mailed me saying what happened and he didn't agree with it, but there's nothing he could do.

I couldn't believe the gall of the GolfWRX founder to ask me to participate in that survey. It's actually their loss as I swear, the day I got the posting privileges removed I was going to ask about paying to sponsor the site so I could post one silly link without one or two posters being able to complain about it.

The Rule of 12 helped me a lot too, but when you've chipped with a SW for so long I actually forget how to chip with an 8-iron or so.

Greg Brown said...

All I know is last year at this time with Maves, Slicefixer, Iteach, Hoganfan, there was a lot of great instruction going on...now its a bit of a ghost town.

Rich H. said...

Yep. I would really like to start my own forum that would get all of these guys posting in there. I don't think I can get it done, but may get something close.

GG said...

I love your blog, 3Jack.
KevCarter put me onto Homer Kelly about a year ago. Since starting the book I have added a bag full of Lowe's fiberglass stakes, several TALYs, a Tour Striker, Alignment Golf video, a full day with Lynn Blak(thanks to Kev),spent a lot of time on LB's Forums and your blog. Golf is so much fun now.
Keep up the good work and thanks for all your efforts.

Rich H. said...

GG - The big question is how is your game?

Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of the rule of 12, prefer the Colin Neeman lesson.

My rule with golfwrx is only use for looking a pictures of pretty clubs that I can't afford.

For instruction its mainly this site and Lynn's forum


GG said...

My game is healing. It was awful a year ago. I had some very good rounds this fall and actually am using the face of the clubhead for a change.
Winter is for intensive work with KevCarter and the TGM club up here.
Thanks for asking. I can barely wait to tee it up again.