Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Peter Senior Swing Video

Here's a video of Peter Senior's swing from the DTL view.



Zen Chili said...

Nice move. I like how the club head moves on plane at the top of the backswing.

Rich H. said...


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Rich...thanks for the great blog, I've enjoyed it over the past year.

Peter Senior surely must be doing something right. Does he have a teacher/coach, and has he been with him long?

Rich H. said...

He works with a teacher in Australia named Gary Edwin. I have no idea how long he's been working with him.

Kevin said...

I need to learn more about Mr. Edwin. I understand he has some great ideas about G.O.L.F. It will be fun to watch another player on tour working on a form of TGM. Good luck Peter!


Rich H. said...

Edwin seems to teach using your right side to drive the club and the pivot. Seems interesting, I'd have to read and learn more about it.

fearlessgolfer said...

Happy Holidays, Richie and thanks for your great blog. Gary Edwin works with a few PGA tour players. His methods are to stay and pivot around the lead leg. I guess one might can say it's cousins with Stack&Tilt.

12Hit said...

Nice find! Rich.

I found this on the net! ( Certainly a fun way to swing for me today! Love to find out more...

Happy holiday BTW!

Kevin said...

12 Hit,

Thank you very much for that link. Just what we needed to learn more about Gary Edwin and his teaching.


If you are a hitter, as I am partly due to following Richie3Jack, you will learn some really good stuff here. In particular, I learned a great drill to help keep your head from going back on the downstroke. Simple and effective.

Not TGM, but it appears very compatible with the hitting pattern I am learning by following Lynn Blake. Some terminology that is a little different, and some different ways to "feel" the same mechanics.

I'm going to dig a little deeper...


12Hit said...


Glad to see you here in 3Jack's blog! :)
I'm still trying to understand and practice the RF takeaway material you sent me. (very slow learner)

[quote=Kevin]In particular, I learned a great drill to help keep your head from going back on the downstroke. Simple and effective.[/quote]

Can you remind me what it is if I have seen yet? :)

Peter Senior was and still is (I suppose) a great golfer when I picked up golf in the 90's.

Gary Edwin has a few champions working with him.

Not too sure, but I think they favours TGM's flat left wrist and/or angle hinge!?!