Friday, December 18, 2009

Quadrant Drill w/Martin Chuck

Great little drill presented by Tour Striker inventor Martin Chuck.



Anonymous said...

Great drill by Martin Chuck. I have both the Tour Striker and Tour Striker Pro and they are just great.

A really great practice routine is to use the Pure Ball Striker with the Tour Striker!!

Kevin said...

WOW Martin. Fantastic drill. I can't wait to get out and try it and work with my students with it! EXCELLENT!

Thanks for sharing,

Dave @ Mud Ball Golf Blog said...

I like the idea of the divot being after the ball - the quadrant emphasizes that.
Nice drill...

Rich H. said...

Dave - I believe that the golfing world would greatly improve if instruction could make concepts of how the ball flies and is compressed very clear. One of these concepts is hitting the ball first, then taking a divot that is after the ball like Martin stated in this video. It's amazing how many golfers think the divot takes place behind or under the ball.